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  1. thats to @Sportingintegritymyarse for helping.me.with ticket.top guy
  2. There must be a spare some were someone help me out
  3. Need 1 ticket for sunday help me out guys
  4. Need 1 ticket for sunday help me out guys
  5. Need 1 ticket as didnt sing up for cccs help me out guy thanks
  6. Need 1 ticket for the sheep if anyone has a spare pm me cheers kirky_loyal
  7. Bump help me out guys really struggleing for a ticket
  8. Need 1 ticket for the scum game if anyone can help me out thanks Kirky_loyal
  9. Its a good chant but dosent matter if we copy it all the clubs copy songs off each other
  10. Hopefully what ever it is everyone will get involed in it good on them for doing it thou
  11. Southsider that not the guy who knows alot of football players lol n i have been a season ticket holder for years missed out on ballot and the other tickets are for friends who didnt get one either
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