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  1. I'm coming into this late & my we still haven't released a statement apologising for this .. its disgraceful & shockingly poor from our supposed leaders
  2. The plan is a single sign in across all club access points eg RTV, Store, website etc but that'll take some more work.
  3. Had the app for a few weeks now, its been available on PlayStore for awhile & has worked pretty well for me. The info you get during the game is pretty good. Most clubs now have an app so it's just another step forward in taking the club into the future.
  4. Except for all the Q&A stuff they've done recently 🤷‍♂️.
  5. I'm certainly not ITK & not 'connected' either, I've been in the offices a number of times & I've attended the Q&As (which didn't happen enough, pre-covid) etc. I do believe in the org & certainly believe in the people at its head as I've judged by actions that I've seen & experienced. I'll repeat regards Chris, I don't see it as an issue & therefore don't bother with his involvement or not.
  6. Why is it of such interest though, wheres the controversy? And, again, would you take whatever they say at face value or would you hear it via the prism of distrust that you already have for the org? You ask them to be open but, personally, I don't believe you are being open minded here.
  7. He's only divisive if you view him as such & I just don't see that, outside of a few posters here that he is. If it's answers you seek, I'd like to think c1872 will provide them, however I'm just not sure that whatever they say, it would satisfy you or you'd even believe it
  8. I can't answer to what I don't know. I've been in the office & Chris has been there, I've been in when he wasn't. Personally I think Chris is often used as a squirrel & a cudgel to try and beat c1872 over the head with. Currently, the club has said, we would like the fans to contribute £2.5m & for that you get lots of shares in the club & for me that's what's important.
  9. When it was announced about DK and his shares, there was quite a reaction from the support wondering why C1872 weren't giving to the club first, so there seems to have been a discussion between the org & the board where this announcement has been made.
  10. They have done pods & interviews in the past month or so that covered a lot of the questions & answers. I would say that you can't expect them to reach out to each fan, if you don't raise your issue then they can't answer your question.
  11. Well, the more members, the more cash .. its feasible but difficult. Yes, our shares are likely worth more, so it's a bargain then.
  12. I can understand that but the board has stated, many times now, that there won't be a publicly available issue so any shares you want will have to be bought from a pvt owner, very much as C1872 proposed regards DK shares. I'm not here to criticise folk for not being able to help, it's a worldwide pandemic with a huge economic on all of us but if you can & if you would but have suspicions or questiond, I would ask you maybe speak with C1872 directly and see if they can assuage your fears or worries, nothing ventured .. nothing gained
  13. Outside of buying merchandise sold by Castore (who will take a portion) or other goods/products that are sold directly by the club i.e. match programs then there is no other meaningful way of helping the club ... if you are able. If you subscribe to C1872 you will, indirectly be a part owner of the club but, most importantly, you will be giving cash directly to the club (remember everyone complained about that!!). C1872 isn't about owning the club outright, its about 25% + 1 share which gives THE FANS the power to prevent another CW or Sports Direct (Mike Ashley) happening again.
  14. Club 1872 is now in a position to update members and the wider support on our plan to provide funding to RIFC in the first half of 2021. Following discussions with the RIFC Board we can now confirm that a share issue will take place and that Club 1872 has been formally invited to participate at a pro rata level significantly higher than our current shareholding. Our aim, which has been agreed by the RIFC Board, is to provide up to £2.5m pounds to RIFC in return for shares at a price of 20p per share. If we are able to raise these funds, this will significantly raise our percentage shareho
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