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  1. Kinda lost my interest in Metal a long time ago but I hear my son talking about it, he regularly visits the Cathouse, 02 ABC etc ... gigs seem cheap at £10-15/ticket, see if I can remember some of his bands .. His fav ... Of Mice & Men The rest ... Parkway Drive, A Day to Remember, Architects, Asking Alexandria, Avenged Sevenfold ... i'm sure there are many more but can't remember The Toxicity track ... he can play that on his drums, aling with many NOISEY others
  2. wow .. i remember starting this article on the day we won the league last season. Amazing how much of the story has turned out to be bullshit (to be fair .. some also turned out to be true) but as others have said ... Why has it been dragged back from the depths?
  3. Emily Deschanel (Bones) Michela Conlin (Bones) Maggie Q (Nikita) Lyndsy Fonseca (Nikita) Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck) Pauley Perrette (NCIS) Liz Vassey (CSI Las Vegas) Kathrine Heigl (Greys Anatomy)
  4. Cote De Pablo (NCIS) Ellen Pompeo (Greys Anatomy) Cobie Smulders (How I Met Your Mother) Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother/Buffy etc) Eve Larue (CSI Miami) Kaley Couco (Big Bang Theory) Kate Walsh (Greys Anatomy)
  5. Primary 2, when 2 pence could buy you a packet of crisps. Some wee bastard had nicked my 2p so i ran straight into my sisters class, she was in P7 at the time, screaming "someone has stolen my 2p". Her friends still wind me up about it now, 30 odd yrs later.
  6. Still 20 minutes to go at Man Utd ... could be a big score !!
  7. Just heard on Sky, Celtic have just had on onside goal chopped off for being off-side ..... Oh irony, thy name is GIRFUY !!!!
  8. Ace

    Favourite Game Type

    It was fun, i love to play but no matter how much i rank up i am still awful .
  9. How about pricing a project and missing out £45,000 worth of work, then having to accept the order anyway. My boss will be ripping me a new one later in the week i think.
  10. Europe is makiing a decent run today, hopefully continues tomorrow. Wonder if they will pair Woods with Rory .. that would be a great match, considering the build up it had
  11. Betfair are offer 40-1 for Chelsea to finish 10-0. This can be a serious cricket score. I wonder if Chelsea will just sit back now they have won the game. Possibly play some subs, don't risk any injuries ... play it as a training session or will the still go full guns blazing ?
  12. Allan McInally calling someone stupid .... oh the irony
  13. See what happens when they lose Foster .. key defender
  14. Everton were in full flow counter attack, it was 4 on 2 then Everton were put in the clear but the ref blew for full time during the attack. Moyes was on the pitch screaming at the ref too, wonder what would have happened if Everton had actually scored from the attack.
  15. Nod32 but only if you know what you are doing .. i don't, thats why i went with Norton 360.
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