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  1. To ANY RFC fan who thinks it's OK to boo when our players "take the knee", listen to Balogun here, listen to how what we do effects them in a very personal way .. now imagine you boo'd instead of supported, how would these players feel about our club now?
  2. Alfredo Morelos has not asked for a transfer or indicated he wants to leave Rangers. Reports this afternoon have emerged in Portugal that the Colombian has told his ‘inner circle’ wants to bring an end to his four year stay at Ibrox. Record Sport understands that this is news to the Light Blues. Morelos is due back to Rangers, as scheduled, after his involvement in the Copa America with Colombia. Rangers boss Steven Gerrard has already made it clear that he expects Morelos to be fit and ready to hit the ground running. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/alfredo-morelos-transfer-twist-rangers-24562056
  3. I believe its to give them the feel of playing in a real stadium rather than a training ground pitch where everything is available to them
  4. This is the crest I wanted for our 150th year
  5. I ordered via 2nd batch, got my email yesterday & delivered today. I would suggest patience
  6. You're thinking about match day, they're thinking about Tuesday afternoon when nobody has a reason to attend the stadium, this give them reason .. including the tourist trail. Its about maximising turnover through a year, not just 18 times a season.
  7. £150 to get my name on another wall & get priority access to events at the venue. I really want to but ..
  8. Club think it's vital for the continued improvent of our youth players, I'll go with their opinion thx. Also, interesting comments regards SPFL & SFA approach to this, or lack thereof
  9. Auto renew which isn't an option this year either
  10. How about this for a shambles .. Myself, my mate and his boy all sit together in the family stand. We are linked via friend send family, when I went to renew MY season ticket, I was informed by the website that because it was just me (my mate & his boy renew theirs separately) that I couldn't because there wasn't a "child" ticket in my basket. Now, I was going to renew all 3 & get the cash for the other 2 later but when I went back into MY rfc account, I could only see my mate & his kids tickets as an option to renew. Separately, my mate went to renew theirs and he could only see my name & not his or his kids. Its been like this EVERY year for over a decade & we always have to go to the ticket office to renew, except this year we can't .. and there's also no call centre we can call to sort it out either.
  11. LISTENERS to BBC Scotland yesterday were able to tune into a rare interview by a current Rangers player. As a segment of their flagship daily radio football show, BBC Sportsound aired an interview with Gers star Steven Davis which was conducted by BBC Northern Ireland. The Ibrox side and BBC Scotland have been locked in a dispute for years, which crystallised around the revoking of Rangers press rights for the corporation's senior football reporter Chris McLaughlin. BBC Scotland has since stood in solidarity with their reporter by refusing to send staff to Ibrox and SunSport understands that despite the interview there is no change in the impasse. However, a BBC Scotland spokesman said that they had run the interview as part of the station's "coverage of the team's title success" and added that they "are keen to find a resolution to the long standing dispute". Their statement read: "Sportsound broadcast a clip of an interview with Steven Davis on BBC Northern Ireland as part of our coverage of the team’s title success. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/6800319/bbc-scotland-rangers-interview-dispute-resolution/
  12. I'm coming into this late & my we still haven't released a statement apologising for this .. its disgraceful & shockingly poor from our supposed leaders
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