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  1. CFC potentially missing.. Edouard El Hamed Christie Bitton Forrest Ajeti Out of that there are maybe 3 1st team RFC potentially missing Helander (apparently fit) Katic Roofe Aribo Barisic (fit for tomorrow now) Jack Alfie (late back) Most of those 1st team. Who's losses hurt them more.
  2. Time to get this twitter account back up & running
  3. Seems my reading was correct. How embarrassing for SPFL & Doncaster in particular that one of its members clubs takes the rights to the entire league and sells it on, for a profit, while ensuring RFC is entwined in the deal for maximum exposure. India has a population of 1.4billion people & apparently football is the fastest growing sport there. RFC are tied to one of the major clubs & we have their best female footballer at our club. This is what happens when you have a fully functioning commercial dept who are led by a guy (ex-UEFA) with what appears to be wor
  4. It appears that RFC have bought (EDIT - at least how it reads to me) the rights to SPFL football to sell the the 2nd largest country (x population) in the world, along with exclusive access to RTV. Amongst this story is confirmation of a summer friendly with Bangalore FC
  5. Nah .. how else do I get my mygers points.
  6. Takes one to know one 🤷‍♂️
  7. They have them with the RFC crest on the handle end so you can still see it 👍
  8. I'm guessing this thread is full of bitching about RFC charging ST holders. Only thing I can add is ... get over yourselves. More often than not this place is like a contest of who's the staunchest supporter but the club asks you for £10 when, if we are allowed in, you'd be paying £30 & delighted to do so without any complaint. Staunch .. HA!!
  9. Got mine last year, best scarf I own
  10. The issue is you're seeing it half finished and not the full vision, however I like a modern look in parts of the stadium. Sometimes adhering to your past holds you back& i don't an issue to modernise where you can
  11. There are parts of the club that sjould never be touched e.g. Marble Staircase , there are parts of Ibrox that can be updated with a level of sensibility e.g. home changing room & there are parts of ibrox that need a proper revamp & i think the tunnel is amongst that. I can't get over the panty wetting arseholes our support has turned into. For years we demand the club invest in the stadium, to modernise it, to improve but when we do we get those who think they're Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen saying "how dare they?".
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