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  1. Yep, already getting the "one hit wonders" pish from that lot at work. They absolutely believe they are going to canter it next season.
  2. Fear???!!! Be wary and keep a run going before we meet them, but we won't be fearing any of their appointments!!! I'm on the side that this is going to end in tears for them and Howe.
  3. It'll be Stevie Clarke, after the qualifications this week - I suspect he will be unveiled, to take over after the Euros.
  4. Idiots from all corners thrive on social media platforms, it's like Twitter now has become some sort of hive mind - where cancelled is the end game.
  5. Let's hope so. However, I think they have already got Clarke - and want to keep him away from all the press distraction to focus on the Scotland team. Once Scotland go out of Euros, he will be at porkheid the next day.
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