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  1. Looks like that guy that does the garden makeover show with Charlie Dimmock.
  2. My SKY is knackered as well, can't seem to hear Andy Walker?!!
  3. I would also like to see Gordon Smith back at the SFA, that would be a cherry on the top.
  4. Over Zoom - with my 55 mask on. Stay safe Bears.
  5. That's Alnwick done, 2 ad breaks and the teaser left - signing off, as they are struggling for calls. Whatever happened to those tax experts that used jam the lines all those years??
  6. I think a lot of them are back in their boxes now, they know it's over and will not call in. Wait and see when the new manager gets announced, they will all be out jamming the phone lines.
  7. It'll be on Spotify and Google podcasts.
  8. He won't be refusing SKY and BBC money when he is out of a job, and doing punditry.
  9. Fuck Aberdeen, hate them on a par with the scum. They need a relegation soon, long overdue as they cheated their way out of it twice.
  10. Games not getting abandoned, no space for it. Which is nice.
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