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  1. Its a press conference wee man.
  2. Hes a work shy tarrier bastard
  3. Not sure bud. Looking forward to it.
  4. Make sure when u are whistling that you are whistling the right words.
  5. Fucking fat ginger fenian bastard. The quicker a bullet goes through that cunts heed the better.
  6. I am pretty sure davis played right back one European game for us before.
  7. The last thing we needed.
  8. I only asked him a question.
  9. Spot on bro. Her party is a shambles.
  10. Its nothing to do with giving a fuck about they bastards. Its the double standards.
  11. Why didn't a good bear like you question Jim on this.
  12. Good question he no doubt didn't.
  13. Did your friend Jim come out and say it was disappointing to see taig players breaking rules in Dubai and did he also come out and say that the SFA and SPFL will no doubt step in and dish out the suspension required???
  14. I'm only going with what a fellow poster said on here. I ain't seen what Jim said.
  15. He would love the league to get shut down to save the 10. I cant mind the cunt been so vocal on the taigs in dubai.
  16. Whats that grey haired taig tramp giving it mate?
  17. Aye mate but no chance you will ya wee fat specky virgin gonk.
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