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  1. Make sure when u are whistling that you are whistling the right words.
  2. Fucking fat ginger fenian bastard. The quicker a bullet goes through that cunts heed the better.
  3. Cunts defended for there life against us and cant even hold a couple of minutes against the taigs.
  4. Funny how the tarriers are still behind lego muncher but against popcorn teeth. Lego muncher has also cost them the tainted 10 in a row. He's pish and been found out. Hope you have a shite birthday ya poofy looking prick brown.
  5. I think the beasts can win today and be on 2 in a row wins. This is something then can take great pride in against the big guns of motherwell but unfortunately for them i think Wednesday night away to st mirren is when there great winning run will end. 😊
  6. Can taste his tarrier tears from here. The same cunt who said Dunfermline lay down to us when his team had won 4-0 away from home. Lanky bankrupt creep.
  7. They have been going on about 10 in a row since 2012 when on zero in a row. We only started talking about 10 in a row when on 7. I think and it was only in a song with gazza. We weren't getting tattoos or booking things. We certainly didn't take it for granted. Us getting papped into division 3 made them expect the tainted 10 in a row and I tell you this bro when we win the league this year it is going to be the best feeling in the world after everything we have been through. Il never forget the treatment we received from every cunt in scottish football. At times I questioned i
  8. How this cunt is in position of power is a disgrace. Fucking clown.
  9. The most horrible thing about that is questioning boyd on been a mental health ambassador. Big boyd lost his brother to suicide and has done amazing with the mental health awareness he has brought to everyone's attention. Griffiths is nothing but a low life junkie ned scumbag who deserves to get slagged.
  10. The beasts have a petition on the go to get boyd sacked from sky sports. Fucking weirdos.
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