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  1. The only card you have is the victim one.
  2. Fucking victim card at any opportunity with these bastards. Us singing a song telling the truth and them singing terrorist songs.
  3. Don't listen to them mate... rangers everyone anyone. bet you can make amazing eggy bread.
  4. They have been pish all season so even if they had a full team I would be confident for them to keep dropping points.
  5. Fucking slant eyed dug shite breath liewell with his rousing speech.
  6. That wank Jackson has just twisted the words from the fat specky dyke.
  7. At this rate very fast. Mon the livingston.
  8. Intae the bead rattling bastards.
  9. His pay as you go phone probs just ran out of credit mate.
  10. Put them to the shhhhword. Get it up yai sheridan ya fucking crook.
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