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  1. Another 2-0 result and i reckon if alfie starts he will get his goal.
  2. Its something telling you to get a bottle at 10am
  3. Has to stop now. Totally understand the reason for it in the first place but its went to far now.
  4. Think we are all the same mate. Not getting to carried away but there is a million percent something better about our squad this year to make us believe.
  5. They won't sack him cause he is one of them. They have turned against good managers for not been one of them.
  6. Always cheated, never defeated.
  7. Once the wee man bangs one goal in again he will be on fire. All strikers go through periods that they don't score.
  8. Just keep concentrating on our own game and we will get there. I defos can see a difference in the team this season to last season to give me more confidence we can win the league but not getting carried away.
  9. I hope boyd makes an appearance on Rangers TV at somepoint this season.
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