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We deseve better

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A couple of months ago, there were a few banners around ibrox saying we deseve better. IT was all over radio and papers etc... Where are they now? This is the time, we need to start to make our feelings known about the way the club is being run. The last time they banners came out, it was not the right time of the season for such a campain, but i think this is! The season is nearly over, and if things continue, i can see them also continuing in to next season with the same old shite - as in managerial staff and players.

We DO deserve better at our club. Some people might not agree but in the end of the day, you need to ask yourslef, if you think what you see on the pitch, is good. I personally think its pish. Today's first half against hearts was fantastic - but then it all came true in the 2nd half.

Yes, finances control the game, however there are plenty of other ways to get around it, for example new manager, not going to cost as much as a striker yet could make much more difference than 2 new strikers.


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