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Davie Weir

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1992-2007 = 488 starts (32 per season)

Rangers = 123 starts (62 per season)

20% of Big Davie starts have came in the last 2 years of his 17 year career. Unfortunatley for us 100% of his completed 10 yard forward passes happened in the previous 15 years to joining us :craphead:

Thought i would share that with you all.

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How can he average 62 games a season with us? :dry:

Cos he has started 82 SPL games, 14 Cup games, 22 European Games which is 118 so far and will have another 6 games to add to that assuming we get through today :dry:

Though i have now just rememberd he signed in January so it has been 2.5 seasons :blush:

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