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  1. After what Kamara’s been through, anyone that booed should genuinely be ashamed of themselves. Thick as fuck. ”Aye but it’s because of BLM”. Ignorant cunts.
  2. Fuck. Ruined an already shite attempt at patter.
  3. Bastard, Arsenal with two away goals. Can’t see us scoring two down there.
  4. Not sure when but we’ll backtrack at some point. The negative PR won’t be the worth the few folk that sign up.
  5. Plus every club in the world think the local media is biased against their club. Not every one decides to ban everyone or charge them a ridiculous fee just to cover the team.
  6. England need to be more brave. Sat back half an hour as if there was 5 minutes to go. They were understandably knackered and It’s always tough to change your mentality when you concede a goal. Hindsight’s 20/20 but putting Saka on the last penalty made no sense at the time and still doesn’t. Not sure about bringing two guys on who barely played all tournament but at least Rashford actually hits penalties I suppose.
  7. Stick to shagging Rocky.
  8. Only on RM could you find someone criticise a guy for feeding hungry weans just because he missed a fucking penalty. Clowns.
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