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  1. Need to keep pressing them. We were winning the ball high up and every time we attacked, we looked like scoring. We’re only in danger when we let them have the ball. Still confident we’ll win though.
  2. Club usually gets a set amount of medals to hand out now so think he’ll definitely get one anyway.
  3. Just noticed Kyrgiakos there as well Completely forgot he was at Liverpool
  4. Basile Boli and Trevor Steven - Marseille 91/92 Edit - Was said on the first page, shite
  5. Goldson just. McGregor, Tav, Davis and Kamara have all been superb but Goldson’s been an absolute rock at the heart of the best defence in the country plus chipped in with some vital goals.
  6. Got to feel sorry for Dundee Utd, they’ve been the... Nah fuck them. Horrible cunts.
  7. Of course Balogun is going to be first choice now but I just meant if him and Jack were unavailable. Can’t see us bringing someone in so was just wondering if we had any other decent prospects at RB.
  8. We not got any decent RBs in the youth system aside from wee party animal Patterson?
  9. That ball into Hagi was a belter as well.
  10. Guessing it’s McGregor, Tav, Goldson, Helander, Barisic, Davis, Kamara, Arfield, Aribo, Morelos, Roofe
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