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  1. Really? I think he’s 100% the worst. Barely played, cost a decent amount of money and was a dick to make it worse.
  2. You know it’s desperate times when all his pals start coming out in the media saying “Don’t blame Lenny, he needs more time”. Wonder if any of their ex-players would have the balls to question him.
  3. Gary Mac would be more likely to follow Gerrard than Beale. Beale's been more openly ambitious to be a manager and is very highly rated as a coach. Not saying McAliister isn't but I think he's content at the level he's at.
  4. Plus our most successful sides have always had players we’ve signed from SPFL sides. Thomson, Whittaker, Broadfoot, Boyd, Naismith etc.
  5. He's Aberdeen's. Never got a look in last season but aye was quite impressed with him. McInnes will probably get him to fuck for attempting to play football.
  6. 5. Grezda, Herrera, Pena, Barton, Senderos 4. McGregor, Morelos, Jack, Kamara 3. Gilmour, McCrorie, Windass (not a huge fan of him but still would be a better option than Stewart, Barker etc) 2. Laudrup, Souness 1. Complete fantasy stuff but maybe Fleck in a couple of years
  7. Our pressing must make it so tough on the other teams. They just get surrounded immediately and then once we win it back, we’ll just play our own game and it’s so good to watch. The best parts of football under Warburton while being solid as fuck at the back.
  8. Hope we can ease the pressure by keeping the ball in play
  9. Roofe is some player. If we can keep him fit the whole season we’re onto a winner. Him and Kent being so versatile means defences don’t have a clue what they’re up against.
  10. Some game. Always loved McCoist's header even thought it was a pretty simple goal. Think it's just the commentary - "Super Ally does it again".
  11. Nah just trying to do two things at once and being a fanny.
  12. A comfortable win tomorrow sends a clear message that we’re a different animal from last season and we’ll take advantage of any slip ups
  13. Fuck it, I’ll take that. Won’t be the last time they cunts drop points either. That defence is rotten.
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