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  1. Aye were so unlucky as well. Didn't give up a chance after scoring really and then a deflected shot goes in.
  2. Wild last 15 minutes in the Real Sevilla game. Atleti will be delighted though, surely they can't fuck it up now.
  3. Still don’t think he’s good enough tbh.
  4. Eye’s absolutely fucked. Canelo stepped it up when he needed to but BJS fought a really good fight. Fair play.
  5. Aye liked the look of him at Ibrox last year but good to see he’s hit form. Players always get written off if they’re not shit hot immediately.
  6. City will be a different beast with Foden, KDB and Mahrez starting. Wouldn’t rule Chelsea against anyone at the minute though. Been superb since Tuchel came in. Werner, Havertz, Pulisic etc all look revitalised.
  7. Canelo will win comfortably I reckon. Don’t think BJS has the power to back him up and Canelo has an outrageous chin and will be able to walk him down.
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