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  1. Haven’t really watched a full show in a year or so (first Dynamite was the last I think) but I still catch clips on Twitter and YouTube etc. The Reigns stuff is the best thing I’ve seen in any company in years, might start back up on Smackdown. No chance I’d ever watch a full Raw again 😂
  2. Fair enough mate, thought you meant risking the job as well his reputation.
  3. Howe's not the Bournemouth manager anymore mate
  4. Having barely taken any damage throughout his career and with millions in the bank. That's the way to do it.
  5. Khabib was far too good, Gaethje is great and has impressive wrestling credentials but Khabib is a different animal. I believe him when he says he won't fight again. He always planned to go out at 30-0 but 29 isn't a bad compromise and doing it without his dad must have confirmed that he couldn't do it again. GSP is the only other fight that interested him but it's never been close.
  6. Honourable mentions as well for Vanoli, Numan and Jamie Ness.
  7. 100%. Roofe's known as being pretty injury prone, definitely wouldn't have risked him.
  8. Unless the ball stops bouncing altogether, it should be sound to finish.
  9. Jack's been decent. Lucky to have 3 or 4 in form centre mids.
  10. Imagine how good we'd be with someone who could hit a shot in the team.
  11. Aside from his issues in front of goal, Morelos isn't even causing defenders the same sort of problems that we used to. He used to ragdoll them and outmuscle them now he just kind of wanders about aimlessly and gives the ball away.
  12. Even Kawhi and Paul George couldn’t stop them from being a laughing stock. Yeah, really liked Pray for Paris and Benny’s album too. Whole group is just killing it. Been a really good year hip hop wise in general tbh.
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