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  1. Two cracking results for tonight, win in Denmark and beat Sparta at home and I think we'll be sorted. Aribo definitely MOTM for me, top class performance,
  2. Still think he’s a good player but if you compare his performances to 2019, he looks nowhere near the same. Not as sharp, a lot slower and an even worse finisher.
  3. Same old story. Not killing a game off then getting punished.
  4. Looks like the Saudi takeover of Newcastle is going to go through now.
  5. How good was that comeback though?! Jones and Barkley stepped up big time.
  6. Wasn’t fully confident we were going to get the winner though. We dominated after the sending off but constantly needing late winners is proper stressful.
  7. Would love to win a league game comfortably at some point
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