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  1. What has happened to Russian football? A country that size should be producing better players. Ukraine are a better team.
  2. Surreal to watch considering I was shedding tears not long ago.
  3. Sorry mate. I got it wrong. It was Baku that was 30 degrees. I must have heard that from the earlier game.
  4. I thought he said it was 30 degrees. It is currently at 28 degrees.
  5. I would imagine it was a players decision on both teams to continue and not a UEFA decision. No one knows why Eriksen collapsed but what happened to water breaks when it is over 30 degrees?
  6. The beautiful game we all love will eventually continue but I just don't see how those players can be asked to continue today after what they just witnessed.
  7. In hindsight, they most definitely should have went back to the studio quicker in what was an unprecedented moment. But the people quick to complain are the ones continuing to watch?? Thank-you God for looking after the welfare of Christian Eriksen and to the heroic medical staff.
  8. Holy fuck. His team mates can't even look. Disturbing.
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