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  1. That's both St Johnstone & Hamilton called out the delusional, serial liar. Embarrassing.
  2. Yes, I agree, sometimes he does then other times he plays tippy tappy with Goldson.
  3. Kettle on... (nae drink for me on a Monday)..... YET
  4. Hope Alex Rae sticks the boot in tonight.
  5. That Lennon video will become as infamous as this one
  6. My father once told me, there are two types of people... those who make mistakes and learn from them and those who makes the same mistakes time and time again. That could have been a Bolton or Hibs press conference. He is a serial loser and sees himself only as a victim.
  7. He's had ten days to contemplate that statement. Mind boggling to think that is his calculated response. The sheer arrogance.
  8. you have a way with words KJ, lol
  9. "the whole squad tested negative bar two players. I think that is remarkable." Ha! Ha! Lennon has lost the plot.
  10. Itten Morelos Roofe is what I want to see. I also want to see Zungu been given a proper chance. As well as Davis has been playing, he also stymies us in so many other ways.
  11. bluenoz

    Ryan Kent

    Gerrard was pissed at him for turning down a loan offer in Holland (I think) last year and instead ended up at Hibs & Bradford which were a disaster. I'm with you, there is still something there with him. Every time I see training videos, he's scoring, Ha!
  12. bluenoz

    Ryan Kent

    May as well get Jones, Barker, Stewart & Middleton off the wage bill asap because if you cannae replace a performance like that then you have no chance of getting a game. The aforementioned are all mediocre at best but by God, they couldn't have been any worse today.
  13. I don't agree with your assessment of Aribo but am gonna use that analogy at some point, somewhere. 😀
  14. Looking forward to watching this. Don't really like Man U but I fancy them here. Who ever defends well wins against two potent forward lines.
  15. The last two games have been boring to watch mate. Don't forget, Aberdeen had ten men. Goldson or Balogun get the ball, Davis comes deep, looks for patented chip, if not, gives it back to Goldson... repeat. We need someone willing to take the game by the throat. When Kamara & Aribo are so-so, we struggle.
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