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  1. At that stage of the game, the decision was vital. The game was certainly in the balance. If it is soft, do we get that in Scotland? Probably not. We were robbed on Sunday, robbed in the LC and so much more... Folk will argue we need to do more to put teams away to not make decisions an issue but when I was young, it seemed Italy won every game 1-0. We need a two goal lead to be sure of beating the corruption imo. We are definitely reffed fairer in Europe.
  2. I'm not always a Davis fan but he has been very good the last three games. Kamara was excellent tonight and like I've said before, I thought he was very good in the second-half last Sunday. Quiet from Arfield tonight but picked it up more in the second-half. He works his socks off! No issues with those three right now.
  3. Yeah like I said mate, I need to re watch the game properly. It certainly looked like contact in the replay. But people seem to think it was soft so maybe I've got that wrong.
  4. Gerrard has a very tough decision to make. One could argue McLaughlin didn't deserve to lose his spot especially after making a world class save from Nesbit. But McGregor was class tonight and proves his worth time and time again on the big occasion.
  5. I did also until I saw the replay. Tbf, I was so busy today, I only had one eye on the match all game.
  6. Anyone who thinks we haven't lost points in Scotland due to bad officiating must live on a different planet. Tonight's penalty was a stonewaller but since we haven't had one in Scotland in almost a year, I wouldn't be surprised if we would have been denied that. Yes we play better because teams come to play but the officiating does play a part.
  7. Lets close the thread as soon as we win in case someone says something nice about the gaffer. Ha!
  8. On a night when we won 0-4 away in Europe tie and all you can do is find the negative then you deserve what you got
  9. probably the score flattered but an excellent professional performance. Ecstatic.
  10. If Kent continues this form it will be a lot bigger than Leeds that come calling. Fantastic wee man. Kamara maybe the most underestimated player amongst our support. McGregor - what can you say? Has done it all his Rangers career. Very Quiet from Arfield. Maybe doing the dirty work that I've missed C'mon Ianis, you are a better player than this. Turn it on in the second half son. They have speedy players that cause danger but we have too much experience for them. One more and put it to bed Rangers.
  11. I never thought he was very skillful but he always seemed to score important goals at the right times. His passion is what won over the fans and we could use a bit of that in our squad right now.
  12. Tbf mate, the question he answered was by our own Emma Dodds. He should be allowed to answer those question without the need to tiptoe. He should never have been cited for what he said. It is a conscious effort to try and upset him
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