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  1. The finish was better than the nutmeg. The rules prevented him from making the Europa (Stewart did) but I still maintain he is much better than Barker.
  2. The League Cup should be scrapped and trying to finish last year's Scottish Cup only adds to the fixture congestion which shows hypocrisy to the reason this rule has been put in place. SPFL and SFA are the same thing when making up rules.
  3. When it takes a reputable newspaper like The Guardian to run a story that is long overdue, it gives Scottish media a red-face. I expect to see them run tidbits of information in the next few weeks to save face. That article will undoubtedly put pressure on Humza and the SNP to respond and conservative MP's will be driving with this. Also, can the SFA remain silent with the so called investigative report? That was tough to read but surely the clock is now ticking backwards against the tarriers. Massive monetary fines are coming.
  4. We simply can't play 3 games in 7 or 8 days without making changes. Hagi for sure, maybe Balogun, Aribo & Itten.
  5. I never seen that but good to hear. I actually think Middleton has got lost in the shuffle a little bit.
  6. bluenoz


    I don't but any of that. Based on that logic, Jermaine Defoe should have started then. All players were back in training on Thursday. There was plenty of time to discuss tactics.
  7. bluenoz


    To me, the obvious choice before Barker was not Jones but Hagi. I know he is only 21 but the fact Gerrard didn't trust him in an OF game raised my eyebrows. I fully expect Gerrard to play Hagi on Thursday. Jones is a squad player.
  8. bluenoz


    He doesn't play with his head up. He has the speed and the ability but he doesn't see what's ahead of him because he plays with his head down and therefore, he can't read a game. All that speed and dribbling skills means nothing when you play like that.
  9. The only obvious one is Edouard. I truly believe Kamara & Aribo are better than McGregor & Christie.
  10. Tough question to answer based on just one player. Last year - Morelos. So far, this year - Goldson & Kent
  11. Don't lie. You had a big drunken rant about me three or four months ago. But then again I don't expect you to remember that. If you don't notice me then how is me misrepresenting things an ongoing thing for you? Anyway, just ignore me, it's no big deal. Sometimes I don't mind your posts, other times you come across as Mr RM.
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