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  1. Tugay was a fantastic football player. I was a huge fan of his.
  2. They have been a shambles for months. Ever since the lost holicom, they come out with at least two statements a week. All are rash, ill-advised and reeking of sore losers. With lawwell all but gone, they are losing a grip at the sfa and every statement makes them look bad. it's comical to watch. I've despised them for 50 years but I never thought I would see the day when they expose themselves to being frightened by a 19 yr old who has played less that 10 senior games. I nominate Patterson for the toss of the coin, all free kicks and penalties.
  3. Fatherhood has not helped Rory's game. Needs a huge back 9 to make the cut!
  4. Can someone explain to me how Clarke's name keeps getting mentioned? Couldn't the sfa sue him for breaking a contract in the middle of a World Cup campaign and Euros no less? Or sue Celtic for poaching a coach under contract? I suppose Rodgers did it so it must be legal. Pretty fucking scummy all the same.
  5. If you look back at early match threads, Balogun was in most posters starting 11 and now are happy to have him as a 3rd choice. He should never have been ahead of Helander when fit. He is a terrific option as 3rd choice.
  6. I don't have a problem with that. Good CH, not so good RB.
  7. Kennedy opened a can of worms he shouldn't have. Finally someone has the balls to mention Dubai. Well done Stevie. Everybody is having a go at the sfa right now.
  8. They are having a meltdown on twitter because the appeal isn't until April 20th. How they have fallen... petrified of a 19yr old right-back who has played less than 10 senior games. Big JK's comments reek. Rangers have never commented publicly about Dubai. They have zero class, always cheated.
  9. There's the difference - Rangers never comment on tit for tat stuff with Celtic. They never mentioned Dubai publicly (although it may be part of the appeal) or Lennon's rants. But big JK now having a go at Gerrard and the sfa over the covid 5. They are a different breed.
  10. It's good to see the board being pro-active these days and taking the initiative. Rangers alone can't change how Facebook & Instagram police their sites but something needs to be done. Social media is rampant with racist cowards.
  11. He is struggling with his game right now. +3. Needs to birdie the par 5's on the back nine 13&15
  12. I've always supported Arsenal. The way they played the game under Bergkamp. Pires, Wiltord, Henry etc was beautiful to watch. I loved the fact we had shares in Arsenal. Fuck Whyte! I think Slavia will pull out a draw. Not because I think they are good (overrated against us) but Arsenal are very average
  13. I know Rory is off-form but I'm still putting my money on him to win his first green jacket.
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