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  1. I wouldn't start Lundstram. I'm not meaning to be harsh on him because after Sunday, I think he may be suited for the Scottish league. But in Europe, the game seems too fast for him. He was badly exposed against Malmo. Hagi - Davis - Kamara
  2. Tbf, Dundee U look pretty good.
  3. McCarthy is finished. Was it a 4 yr contract he got? 😀
  4. Holy fuck. Just seen the HT highlights. How is that no a penalty, lol. Clancy you are a blatant cheating cunt.
  5. Naw mate, JL played well. Even I took the blinkers of to see that.
  6. Gerrard was my hero as a player but I've went right off him lately. First of all, he says there are positives from today. In similar, he said we have made progress from the Bayer L defeat to the Lyon defeat. Both wrong. Secondly, he laughed at people being critical of John Lundstram. He was terrible in the beginning, especially against Malmo and Lyon and deserved the negative reviews. Lately, he has been really good and earning plenty of plaudits from the fans including me. Does he really believe we will just turn it on this Thursday against Sparta? Because I haven't seen anything yet this season that would remotely suggest that. I get that he wants to defend the team and players but that post match interview was bull shit.
  7. Sure the three points are good but can't you just admit we were rotten? Btw, Dundee played three days ago as well. Even your excuses are feeble. Under performers all over the park.
  8. The high press from the front 6 has disappeared. We are pedestrian and lack intensity.
  9. If he keeps playing like that, I will gladly eat my previous words.
  10. We lack intensity. I noticed the players strolling onto the park at kick-off instead off sprinting on. It's the little things... Something is missing.
  11. I did not enjoy that. MOTM - Lundstram or McLaughlin for me.
  12. Hagi was decent but he is better when played more central. I feel he is wasted out wide.
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