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Germany Fix


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Ok not sure if this has been posted before but thought I'd help out anybody who wants to fix the German national team in the game. As you all know the team is filled with regens instead of actual players because of some legal issues.

Ok so first you go to C:/Program Files/Steam/Steam Apps/Common/Football Manager 2009/data/db/900/inc/all

Delete all the files in there.

Then go back to the data folder and then into updates/update-910/db/910/inc/all

Delete the files in here. Repeat the process with the other patches. Technically you only really need to do it to the patch you're actually playing but I deleted them all as a precautionary measure.

If you have created your own database then you'll need to delete the files from there as well. To do this just go to My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2009/db/"name of your database"/inc

This should make it work but as an extra measure I'd also download this file and copy and paste it into all the folders you have deleted files from.

Now when you load a game up not only should the German national team be available with all the real players such as Ballack, Lahm etc you will also have the proper names for competitions that had to be ommitted for legal reasons, such as UEFA Cup instead of European Cup.

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