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  1. Probably strolling to Ibrox, he never looks hurried about anything
  2. Expected really in consideration of both the tactical approach to the game and for the fact they must be cut up.
  3. Still playing Fifa 21 Co-Ops with my mate Cant bring myself to buy the new one yet, there seems to be so many bugs and all the effort has went to Ultimate Team as always
  4. Never wanted to smash them this badly Couldnt give a fuck what happens at Easter Road either Just want Aberdeen and their abhorrent scum fans to get humiliated
  5. Not sure on the time but I’d go up as early as you possibly can, usually a fiver to get a new card too but I’m sure they just handed me a replacement last time
  6. From what I’ve seen, you’ve got fans of every other club in Scotland condemning them and that utterly grotesque thread on their forum. They were already scum but this day has pushed things to another level. This intensity will never diminish.
  7. Refund their tickets and leave the section empty if there isn’t enough time to sell them to home supporters. I don’t buy all this “away fans are needed” at games. I’d happily have 100% Rangers fans in attendance every domestic game at Ibrox for the rest of my life.
  8. They really are a fucking grotesque bunch. Not one of those cunts would say any of the things they’re saying to someone’s face in Glasgow. Cowards to a man.
  9. Not gonna anger myself by looking. Wish the worst of every single one of them. Scum in the purest sense of the word.
  10. Tears in my eyes, had to hide in the bathroom at work, stomach full of dread and anxiety. Heading straight to Ibrox at 3 to pay my respects from my family
  11. Ally will be beside himself. Thoughts go to him as well. He’ll be crushed.
  12. Even with Waddell and Wallace being the men behind Barcelona 72, Smith stands above, shoulder to shoulder with Struth, in our Club’s history. Statues have lost their value outside some football stadiums across the world but I think I speak for everyone in saying that Walter Smith absolutely deserves one the opposite side of the main stand from Greig. Fucksake man.
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