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  1. The ban carries into international games?
  2. Bring those horrible fucking cunts on Alfredo to torture them
  3. Get it up ye Mr “Vieira is better than Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes” In the bin you go
  4. He’s definitely played well against them at Parkhead, with fans nonetheless
  5. McGregor; Patterson, Goldson, Helander, Barisic; Arfield, Davis, Kamara; Roofe, Morelos, Kent - Roofe on the right because I feel like he’ll offer more tracking back, he does fair get stuck in. I’m unsure it’s the right time for Wright, Aribo is brilliant in that position but he fades in and out, and Hagi probably could start but I’ve opted for Kemar Hagi or Roofe if it comes down to it
  6. 55 TITLES YOU KNOW Trophy day is going to be incredible
  7. Don’t think so mate. Also did he not have a death in the family too?
  8. Imagine letting him hit the 3rd His finishing was ridiculous in FM, I always signed him for Rangers and he’d score a barrel load even if he was a fair age
  9. There were logistical issues with Fruit of the Loom but the delay is not meant to be as bad as first thought
  10. I always liked them because of Juan Roman Riquelme and Martin Palermo
  11. The whole of Ibrox stood up that day thinking we’d unearthed an absolute elite talent
  12. Weird as fuck seeing this coz I’ve got a Boca top on just now but I’m not having that Not the worst I’ve seen though ...but how is that a third kit? Is it an alternate for the Libertadores or something?
  13. Imagine posting that and not tagging Lovenkrands Complete and utter shitebag
  14. Rangers should get a flag like that unfurled behind the squad photo next season!
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