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  1. Didn’t see a single steward outside the ground yesterday when I was entering the Govan Rear next to the club shop And again they’re not going to slap your wrist or turn you away for coming back to the football. Probably best you do get there with time to spare though because it’ll be a bigger crowd than yesterday
  2. Nae cunt is checking and nae cunt is turning you away if you’re outside your time slot. Its just a push to try and get people their early - which is sensible.
  3. Plain and simple: if they don’t buy an entirely new defence and goalkeeper then they’re going to lose badly in every competition they enter. We’re a week away from August and their opening league game is away to Hearts at Tynecastle in 6 days. Hearts have already started with the League Cup and will be raring to go in front of fans back in the top flight. Not predicting a result but there isn’t a fucking chance they don’t concede. They’ve got Dundee and St Mirren at home after that and I wouldn’t write either off when the smellies back line is Ralston, Welsh, Taylor and some oth
  4. Aye but meaningless friendly apparently Losing 6 goals means nothing because West Ham are superstars and the smellies were “electric” going forward
  5. The positioning from Barkas for that Antonio goal is single handedly some of the worst I’ve ever seen from a professional footballer He wouldn’t get a game for any Scottish top flight side yet they persist on playing him, it’s absolutely mental He’s the worst goalkeeper I’ve ever seen play in Scotland
  6. Fuck all wrong with that Hagi goal Brilliant being back
  7. I have the impression you’re ancient so congratulations on working all the buttons
  8. Has your avatar been done on Microsoft Paint
  9. I’ve had nae email about an allotted time?
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