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The amount of pish directed at our club these days is feckin surreal. If I were Walter i'd pin up copies of these attacks on our club across the training facilities and the dressing rooms. Literally the SPL are scum, the SFA are scum, Celtic are a club without any class, Aberdeen are a bunch of bitter sheepshagging bastards and Dundee Utd see it fit to slander any representative of our club with BS stories.

These bunch of clueless fuckers deserves a good skelping on the pitch, and maybe some recognition to Bain from our players? I know SDM and his bumboy Bain should of gotten to fuck a long time ago, but lets praise Bain for actually growing some cohones in the aftermath of recent times.

Lets rally around those at our club and win this title. Then their silence will be golden.

I'm sure Thompson thought it was just a bit of craic tho :sherlock:

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