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Being the Manager

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If we win on regular basis he gets all the credit, no matter the style of football on display. Although like myself and number of people will say why not , have good football and win.

If we lose on a regular basis he should take the blame, to throw away the lead that we had (albeit with horrible football) and that lead being in the SPL with the teams we allowed to beat/draw with us in this run up, is unforgivable.

Nothing to do with Craig Whyte re transfer monies......Simply on the mangers , tactics, formation and his continual playing of players out of position and equally as bad playing players so out of form that the proverbial blind man could see that they are.

From the first kick of a ball this season we have been found wanting............fact.............this has resulted in us out on our arses to two of can only be described as less than average teams in Europe. Being put out if the League cup with an absolutely shocking display. And to lie down and let a lead that quite frankly was as shocking to understand, as our shocking displays this season.

Don't give me the tax case, a players concern is his wages and am I in the team for the next game.

Forget Ally the Legend , that is as a player...he is not a newcomer to management........he knows the players strengths and weaknesses(well after 4 seasons with most of them he should) plus the others he brought them to the club.

Do we trundle on to the end of the season, as he will have to turn turtle with his thinking as to how the game should be played! The whisper could you resign, and that could have an effect on next season. Or does Whyte ask him if he truly believes he can make this work and come up with a radically new view on what should be done. If Whyte has any sort of doubt, he should then ask him to resign.

That poses the question do we have the money to remove the three of them and replace them. Unless it is a Manger out of work. Because i will be vert surprised if the check book is used over this window.

Owner has said wages need to be cut. also no CL money due.

But again I go back to the SPL we have problems but the others have bigger ones and we should still pick up a better player than what they can. Ahhhhhhhhhhh that brings me back to the skills of a manager............m'lud rest my case.

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