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help with football badge


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could any of you wonderful designers help me with my little design problem, I run a saturday football team and we are just starting out is there any chance anyone could help in designing me one, my efforts so far on online image editor are terrible.

the team name is , FC Goole Town (can be all capitals) motto: advance

our main colours are Black and white stripes with a touch of red trim wouldnt be a problem

images that could be used are Viking longships, white swans, and Vikings our coat of arms is detailed below

http://www.goole-on-the-web.org.uk/main.php?key=1014 a bit more updated from this version would be the dogs

any help would be so appreciated beyond belief

Thanks in advance fellow bears and next time im up i will get ya a :beer1:

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Uploaded with ImageShack.us


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Hi Lorney (or anyone else that can help :D ) We have now changed our kit to the adidas autheno (cobolt/new navy in colour) could any one change our badge to suit and save as a jpeg for me also name is now Goole United AFC hands can be any colour that goes with the blue

Many Thanks

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