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  1. Said you need a letter from a doctor for exemption
  2. What I find odd are the people who were apparently so morally and politically against the malicious vaccine that are now throwing all that belief away, scrambling to get it just to go watch a football match they can watch from home anyway? Doesn't sound like they even believed their own reasoning for not getting it once something real was put on the table
  3. It's not nonsense at all. It's been very defined and clear rules from the start. First jab, wait 8 weeks, 2nd jab, wait 2 weeks = fully vaccinated. As previously mentioned, there's been tons of time to get them before now. Nobody is 'waiting on the nod'. It's the same timescale which has been pretty clear the whole time
  4. Then you are not fully vaccinated and can't attend games until you've had the 2nd one and waited 14 days after it too
  5. Also for what it's worth, I was in Switzerland over the last few days and tried to go to Young Boys vs St Gallen and couldn't because not only did they also require a vaccine passport they only accepted Swiss ones too. Last part isn't that important but it's not just here that it's a thing. Also needed passports to get into restaurants etc there too. Same in other countries.
  6. Agree with the poster above saying there's been plenty warning and time to get it done but notwithstanding that would also add that it takes seconds to request it online and in fairness it's extremely quick in delivering to you. I've requested mine twice, and family members and has been 2 postal days each time
  7. There's been more than enough time to get it and even if you were only getting it for this they announced this weeks ago as well
  8. Can download it as a PDF on the NHS Inform website https://www.nhsinform.scot/covid-19-vaccine/after-your-vaccine/get-a-record-of-your-coronavirus-covid-19-vaccination-status
  9. The update is that passports will be required for entry into Ibrox, confirmed by the club.
  10. Rangers 2-0 Livingston - League Cup, Quarter Finals Goals: Kemar Roofe, Alfredo Morelos Assists: Ianis Hagi Dundee 0-1 Rangers - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 7 Goals: Joe Aribo Assists: Alfredo Morelos
  11. I’m not getting excited until we stop being garbage ourselves. But a great lead to have this early on, we really need to get our act together as well though
  12. Dundee United playing surprisingly good football in fairness to them. Stonewall penalty and should (could) be 2-1 up. Any dropped points will do, hopefully they keep it up and take something
  13. Rangers 1-1 Motherwell - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 6 Goals: Fashion Sakala Assists: Joe Aribo Apologies for being late this week, unfortunately also going to be late after tonight's game and the weekend as I'm off abroad. Although I might just do away with the Excel spreadsheet and go back to text so that I can just edit from my phone.
  14. I see we got some pretty good ratings this year, much better than them. Three players at 77 (McGregor, Tavernier and Goldson) Three at 76 Three at 75 Four at 74
  15. Rangers B awarded a 3-0 win due to Ayr fielding the ineligible players.
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