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  1. Is the allocation of the EL spot to SC winner a UEFA directive or a SFA/SPFL choice? Because I would be giving the EL spot to 3rd place rather than the SC winner. However, if us, scum or 3rd place win the SC then it'll go to 3rd place anyway but even still.
  2. What round do 3rd place go into in the EL qualifiers?
  3. Broxi


    He's coming from a team who were just relegated from Ligue 1. Amiens are in Ligue 2 this season but Zungu has been playing in Ligue 1
  4. I must be blanking on the total contribution tables often! Thanks mate!
  5. Broxi


    Wouldn't say so, Black, Barton, Niko were very much known quantities, Herrera always had a pish goalscoring record pre-joining us. My post wasn't relating to fan opinions it was from journalists and scouts etc, and those who have specifically analysed him for joining Rangers, and my own opinion from watching him
  6. New deal for Balogun, Katic returns and send Edmundson on loan for a season would be good business imo. Have Goldson, Helander, Balogun and Katic as our 4. McGregor... maybe. Davis... We should start preparing for life without him, but he has been good this season.... I would say if Zungu delivers and stays fit, then sign him and leave Davis. However if Zungu doesn't work out then maybe keep Davis an extra year to reduce risk. But I'm leaning towards a no either way tbh. The rest should go. Defoe has been excellent for us and could stay I reckon, but the wage is too high to be
  7. Broxi


    Every person who has actually seen him play has said he'll be very good for us. Haven't seen anybody who has seen him play and said otherwise
  8. Broxi


    The reports were initially quoting £4m for Itten and £5m for Roofe. It was later settled that it was £2.7m and £3.5m. Gerrard was likely referring to the initial reports
  9. Already made £4m from the Europa League this season If we qualify 2nd from the group with 10 points we'll make £6m in total. If we qualify top and make it to last 16 again then it'll be around £7.8m And that's only in prize money, doesn't include RTV extras and I don't know how TV deals work etc
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