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  1. Broxi


    He will compete for Davis' role most likely
  2. Broxi


    I think he cares about getting his big move. If he's dropped he'll know he has to come back stronger. I don't think we should be wasting any more game time waiting for him to do it though. Let him get back in training and as a sub and let the in form players play and get goals
  3. Broxi


    Spot on for me. Was going to make the exact same point the other day. The same people who were laughing at "Roofe's movement" praise are the same people banding this "new role" nonsense about Morelos. He has 6 goals in 26 games in 2020 I believe and has been poor for the majority of it. The new role excuse is utter rubbish tbh, even if it was true then he should still be dropped if he's not suiting it. I'm not against Morelos, he's been sensational for us. But he's been way off it for too long, his antics have continued and this is why we signed 2 big money strikers. Time for him to be dr
  4. No worries mate 😂 happy he’s back either way still think he’ll be one of our most important players this season
  5. Disagreeing that he was the worst player to bring on. There were two options, keep the ball on you or play it in the air. Aribo is good for both of those options
  6. Don't agree, thought he looked good when he came on. Can't judge anybody based on that last 25 minutes. Holding on to the ball was a smart thing, worst thing you could do was pass the ball along the ground over longer distances. You either keep the ball or you launch it. He looked strong and tidy and exactly the style he was showing pre-injury that would have shown on a better pitch and don't think he was the wrong player to bring on at all for reasons stated
  7. Gerrard's comments make me think Roofe won't start. Said something along the lines of "everyone now expects me to throw him into every game from the start because of the goal but that won't happen, he still needs time to get up to speed" Hope Itten at least starts, good game for him to. Well rested and a home game so a bit more scope to play football. Really think if he gets a run of starts he'll be class. Composed and clean striker of the ball, wildly different to even an on-form Morelos who has different qualities.
  8. As mentioned above, other positions weren’t too important other than maybe Morelos/Roofe/Hagi fitting in around Aribo. Everyone else was just placeholders, main purpose was to show where I’d like Aribo to fit in
  9. Different positions/roles and he was likely signed as a starter and will be given his chance there when he’s fit. Zungu will compete with Davis and Jack, less so Arfield Any other new signing would be assumed to go straight into the team in these kind of things. The point is the position of Aribo the rest didn’t matter anyway
  10. McGregor Tavernier Goldson Helander Bassey Aribo Davis Kamara Roofe Itten Kent That or a 4-2-3-1 with Aribo in the middle
  11. Was curious to see if he'd pick up where he left off, hardly any real time to prove it but absolutely looks like he has. He should not be played on the right though. I would like to see one of these: Morelos Kent Aribo Roofe Zungu Kamara Roofe Kent Aribo Hagi Zungu Kamara Kent Morelos Roofe Aribo Zungu Kamara Zungu or Davis, whoever it ends up being. But Aribo will be wasted on the right I think.
  12. Sounds like a stupid thing to say and it is, but not to the degree it should be (but still is though). I reckon with lucky draws we could make it to the semis as a maximum. Could quite easily get easier draws than Braga and Leverkusen in those rounds. Still another round after that though. By the time the semis are there you're playing Inter/Sevilla/Tottenham/Arsenal/Leverkusen/Roma etc and any big CL names that drop down. I think quarters is a good dream target (draw dependent), qualifying from the group at all is a huge achievement enough.
  13. Gives me the covid fear tbh
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