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  1. I'm on the Patterson out on loan train. If it was one year of Tav then I'd keep him, but there's no point keeping him on the bench for 3 more years. 2 years out on loan and then a transitional season would be the best scenario imo. One year out on loan at least. Sign a free agent as cover in the summer and let Patterson go out and develop week in week out. Would also increase his value if he played well at a decent standard of team whilst his value will do nothing from the bench.
  2. Since I know someone will mis-represent my point. I do think he’s been very good. But his goals/assists records aren’t very good in his career so far and he still has to prove he can turn his Aberdeen level good attributes into Rangers level game changing contribution. Not criticising him, done all the right things so far, just looking forward to seeing more from him which is all I’m saying, still got to prove himself
  3. It’s not a criticism, it’s just not getting ahead of myself after a few cameos. I strongly advocate that he’s played well so far, but an assist against Cove Rangers hasn’t proven much yet. He also screwed up an easy pass for an easy goal last time out. I’ll emphasise again, he’s been very good so far and I’m not criticising him, I’m just saying I want to see him bag some goals going forward and get more assists to further prove that he is genuine quality. Which I have ever growing confidence he will be. His numbers at Aberdeen weren’t great. He certainly looks better than that but he
  4. Said the same thing after every game he's played. Very good performance, still waiting for end product to come out. Similar to Kent in the fact he's a very good dribbler and has great close control, want to see him threaten goal more often. He did get a good assist today though, think he's been a lot better than I thought he'd be but want to see him bag a few goals
  5. Rangers 4-0 Cove Rangers - Scottish Cup, 3rd Round Goals: Jermaine Defoe, Kemar Roofe (2), Nathan Patterson Assists: Glen Kamara, Scott Arfield, Scott Wright
  6. Would like to see Simpson, Wright and Itten start. Maybe someone like Dickson on the bench again and a run out if comfortable.
  7. Push them for £12m and take it I think that would be great business. I do fear he doesn’t really fit in our system, he’s not a CM and he’s not a RW and I don’t buy the argument we don’t play with a RW. If your average position is on the right side of attack then you’re a RW and you’re just playing it in a different way. I also think he is talented but by no means the best player in the squad and think he’s replaceable. I would rather sell him over a few others (for these fees) and we know someone will have to go. I think people just assume now that any good player we have is worth
  8. For a 19-23 year old at a club at this level then it's hardly a bad record though is it. Morelos' record in Europe is better, but his league record isn't that great. Cup record is great. On paper they come out about equal. However, Edouard is (slightly) younger, has won more, probably passes the eye test better in terms of technique, dribbling and finishing and like it or not doesn't have the discipline reputation that Morelos has. And again, like it or not, has built up a positive reputation for himself in general, not hindered by the fact they've had a good record at producing players f
  9. Draw is a good result for us. Away from home and the only thing we’re playing for now in the league is the unbeaten record which this keeps in tact. Happy enough for me. A win at Ibrox would cap off a tremendous season
  10. Fucked the pass to Roofe big time but he's looked good for us overall. Need to see more end product now with more game time
  11. Celtic 1-1 Rangers - Scottish Premiership, Matchday 33 Goals: Alfredo Morelos Assists: Leon Balogun
  12. That’s not true
  13. Still want another quality winger, can play either but mostly right. CM Box to box Replace any players who leave
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