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Ger for life

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Without doubt we are undergoing one of -if not the most - troubled periods in the history of our club.

We are anxious, concerned and our nerves are shattered about the ulitimate outcome of the club we hold so dearly in our hearts.

At the same time within a seven day period we have comprehensively defeated our arch rivals, we have almost sold out the Stadium for the Legends, and we have defeated our second spot challengers.

As supporters, we have rallied round our club and raised some fantastic monies for the RFFC.

Unfortunately there are insults and slurs aplenty on this forum between fellow Bears, some of which are offensive and disgraceful.

I am all for accepting differing opinions and the right to free speech and debate, but some of the comments recently are quite frankly out of order and serve only to amuse the enemy infiltrators on this forum.

So to summarise, yes we can differ in our opinions but please let us respect each other as fellow Bears who are all suffering in these uncertain times.

The spirit of togetherness as demonstrated last Sunday and on Friday night should give us all heart that despite these darkened days we shall ultimately emerge bigger,better and stronger!

We are Rangers Football Club. We are simply the best!

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