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  1. think this is actually in Shkupi but it goes: Hatchets and hammers/fields of Ulster/Daddy’s uniform/ here lies. Class
  2. There’s the 3 popular ones on the market compared, three different price points mate. Approx (£120/250/425+) Guys a Welsh mentalist but he’s good for a beer review👍🏻
  3. They’re lucky they’re only 3 points behind if they win their games in-hand. They’ve been worse than that actually suggests imo, scraping late wins all over the place even at the bottom six.
  4. biscoff ice-cream. Was it you that had this recently @Dan Deacon?iirc, reminded me to give it a try anyway.
  5. was reading about Matty sharting trying to hold back a whitey after my dinner too fwiw
  6. Do you think they’ll sack Lemon tomorrow or too much at stake for them to have a period of uncertainty?
  7. Aye although I reckon we could even win this group though if not comfortably second, so the run may actually go on a bit.
  8. CR3


    Impressive love to see it!
  9. We play Lech Poznań first on Thursday though, which focus has to be on but I get what you’re saying in terms of domestic importance.
  10. Fuck it, job done after a hard Thursday European away win.
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