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  1. it isn’t a proper LegendOfCoop post without at the bottom Think I’ve missed them the past few matchdays!
  2. Was last year. Decent btw and doesn’t need a good PC to run tbh, much like counter strike style of shooting
  3. Back to a bit of blood & wine @BridgeIsBlue - mad Geralts looking quite cool the now. Lvl 40, just killed the spoon burner and upgraded that vineyard to the max, cost about 10-15k too
  4. Did you see Shagger waiting to hit a free kick and shouting John- ‘Aye,Naw,Aye,Naw?’ as the whistle hadn’t went for him to take it
  5. A real togetherness in the team this year. Celebration shows how much that one meant! Nearly there bears.
  6. The answer should be win it ASAP (i.e on Sunday) BUT I want to inflict more pain in their own midden with a bit of style, sometimes when it’s already won you might lose a bit of your edge or fight as you’ve already passed the finish line, not that I think that would happen with this group of players. I want a rerun of 1999 please.
  7. +3 and up the road Great to see everyone buzzing at the end including the skipper. Yass
  8. CR3

    PlayStation 5

    You getting in about the demon souls as soon as you get it?
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