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  1. Just got a minute of free spins of some rainbow jackpot thing, zero pence. One of the spins took 10 seconds as if it was a win spin multiplier then done fuck all😂
  2. Seen this on Twitter, can’t be too surprised at what this rag puts out but used the late great gaffers name in a joke/pun to sum up the game. Horrible stuff.
  3. We aren’t the ones with momentum but still find ourselves top. You’re always going to try harder to get momentum back when you’ve lost the title and not trying to retain, so as long as we get our strongest 11 back we need to start motoring soon but we have said this since the start of the season. A game at a time but the New Year match is a big one.
  4. CR3

    Gaming Chairs

    Bit the bullet on their Pro XL, £200 wasn’t far off my (comfortable) top-end for a seat. I just couldn’t justify £4-500 on the Secret Labs counterpart.
  5. Sad day. Thanks for the memories, happiness and joy you brought for us supporters and un-paralleled success to Glasgow Rangers. RIP Sir Walter
  6. CR3

    Xbox Series X

    I couldn’t find it on the Microsoft Store, I hadn’t actually heard of it. Emulator?
  7. To be fair, I gave him a bit of stick after missing sitters v Hearts but really glad he got his 100th goal the day.
  8. Ahh, I was hoping Roy Keane was in the studio. That would have been comedy gold.
  9. Did Firminho just give his top to a Man U fan there next to the tunnel??
  10. Salah best player in the world atm.
  11. Liverpool let them off there, could have been a cricket score if they wanted v 10 men. Not as if they needed to mind you.
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