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  1. Try as hard as you do when posting about me all the time? Ok.......
  2. Howe never said yes officially either. From what's been said he is waiting for a better offer in the summer.
  3. Them giving Kennedy the job will be like when they gave Burns the job. Ticks all the sevconian boxes this time around but nowhere near capable of turning them into a team that will challenge us.
  4. No fans all season yet all good and confirmed to UEFA for 12,500 at the dump. Fucking joke.
  5. Great to see these new contracts rolling in.
  6. John Kennedy: "We won't comment on other teams" Also Kennedy: "Howz de Ranjurz gettun tu play Patterson?!" His sevco moment is just bursting to get out
  7. It's certainly some sort of statement. Not as big as taking the knee a year ago and won't change a single thing. Social media would shite itself if much bigger accounts took a stance like Ronaldo/Messi etc but can't see Facebook giving a fuck that Gerrard with his 9m Instagram followers ain't posting for a week and that's the most followed account.
  8. Sturgeon fucking despises us. No chance we will be part of any test event.
  9. Imagine having a meeting with them and then saying "nah I'll wait till the summer" Looks like he is wanting that Palace job. Don't blame him.
  10. GLEN KAMARA has broken his silence about the alleged racist abuse he received against Slavia Prague and admitted he wished he had walked off the park at Ibrox. Kamara has claimed that he was called a ‘f****** monkey’ by Ondrej Kudela as Steven Gerrard’s side were knocked out of the Europa League last month. Slavia have defended their Czech defender - who will be banned for at least 10 games if found guilty by a UEFA disciplinary panel - and have accused Kamara of assaulting Kudela in the tunnel following the last 16 fixture. That charge could result in a five-match ban for Kamar
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