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  1. Tarriers matched up this account and the previous one that got rumbled to his official one he had years ago and it's pretty much spot on how he tweets. Can't be 100% sure but it's either him or a very good copycat.
  2. Doesn't Edouard only have 2 goals from open play this season?
  3. Hes blocked everyone bar the tarriers so tough to get the whole conversation now but you get one side of it which is saying everything. Lost the plot.
  4. Well theres loads replying to him and hes snapping back. Calling the fans that were protesting outside the ground idiots and saying they didn't represent what the vast majority thought. Saying who could do better than him and that his record is really good or something to that effect. Tarriers absolutely laying into him.
  5. That twitter handle is having a go at any reply towards him for the past hour and continuing. Totally lost the plot. Can't post because I'm blocked but can see the replies.
  6. He's going nowhere anytime soon. Pressers like this and his twitter accounts have been brilliant to witness the car crash.
  7. O' Donnell stalling contract talks with Motherwell....
  8. Lennon pretty much confirming that already.
  9. Been back for a while. Was under another twitter handle before that too.
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