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  1. Btw how much better is UEFAs version of VAR compared to EPLs?
  2. Hope he does as well as we know he can. More eyes on him the higher the bidding will get.
  3. Southgate's loyalty to some players well off form will be his downfall in this tournament. Sterling and Rashford probably starting ahead of Grealish and Foden says it all.
  4. Turkey have been very poor. Italy just in cruise control. Think they might still struggle against a stronger side than the Turks.
  5. All 3 front men look like wee boys against that backline. Is Belotti injured?
  6. Stuck on the 5 live audio after that disaster I posted above. Got Sutton to contend with but it's a million times better than them two generic wankers. Jenas is easily up there with the shitest of shite commentators.
  7. "Mancini cast his net far and wide to bring in the likes of Berardi and Locatelli from a club called Sassuolo" Fucking despise these shite commentators. No need for it when theres plenty about who really know football outside of their shite league.
  8. Why the fuck is Italy the away team playing in white in fucking Rome?
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