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  1. It's a game that wouldn't be shown on TV. Our home league games were only on tv strictly for old firm matches only. Notice how there isn't a tarrier home game handed over for free? Just takes away a big income from the RangersTV PPV.
  2. Our home games except the tarrier ones were a no go zone for tv for decades. Takes away the potential income for RangersTV for the sheep game. These are additional games over and above the deal the specky cunt agreed with Sky. Remember Lawwell bumping his guns that this deal was game for game the best ever? This record breaking deal is getting worse all the time. How many more games are going to be handed over?
  3. Just noticed this. 4 extra games given to them by the SPFL. 3 of those games are our including very strangely the home game against Aberdeen. I thought the SPFL were not allowed to sell our home games apart from the tarrier games? Plus 4 extra games but 3 of them ours and only one tarrier game? Given to them for free? Something stinks.
  4. Mind texting my mate when it went in saying "oh my fucking god!" Never realised he was on a stream about a minute behind when they were on the attack. He fucking shat it thinking they had scored. Good times.
  5. Just got a semi with the mere thought of them 3 fully fit and up top for us. Already smell the fear from opposition defences
  6. Think from what he was saying that the decision will be made before the next squad is picked. Pretty clear he has to give it up to extend his career.
  7. Still can't believe we seen a Rangers player score a goal of that calibre in Europe.
  8. Is it just me or does he look like he has the attributes of someone who could potentially play further up? Looks good defensively but theres something there in an attacking sense.
  9. "First of all I'm sick of seeing you Luke! 6 times in 2 weeks!" "Sorry" Magnificent from the Staunch bastard!
  10. Sounds like fun. Still in the middle of my ten in a row season with the sons of William. Once I've done that I might give this a go.
  11. Took the plunge and got my boys the home top recently, chinese model. Very much superior to my top. Not buying anything else this season and will be very hesitant the following seasons too. Will take a while for these cunts to make up for their mockery of us for me.
  12. Tough match but at home we should be winning this with ease. Itten for Morelos is a must. Roofe and Aribo to get another 30mins or so. Zero need to rush both into the starting lineup. Davis possibly back in but for who? Jack and Kamara look like they've now banished the Jackamara siamese twin persona. Wouldn't mind either Helander or Balogun playing. Bassey for Barasic looks highly likely. 3-0 to the queens 11.
  13. They pay Duffy the same per week as we pay Goldson AND Helander.
  14. Don't forget the comical keeper either
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