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  1. I think they can if they change the roles. Have Morelos right on the shoulder of the last defender, rag dolling them like he used to, running the channels etc. Then have Roofe doing the dropping off, space investigating, late runs into the box etc. Right now both are doing none of that.
  2. Can have all the options in the world. If Helander comes back then its him and Goldson at the back with Balogun on the bench. Bringing Katic back to sit in the stands won't do him any good at all.
  3. We better hope he does or we will have to get Katic back.
  4. Theres never a right time to sell players. Either get a lot when they are playing well and we lose out or we get next to nothing when they are playing shite. Right now alot of the players are in that latter category.
  5. Not winning the league would send us back a good 5 years. CL qualification makes it far bigger than last season.
  6. Possibly but again I can't see us signing a centre back to sit in the stands for 6 months.
  7. Can't be buying 3rd choice centre backs incase he gets injured again. Use the youth that are doing very well for the B team.
  8. We will do very little if anything at all in January. Only thing that I can see us doing is the pre-contract sign early situation again with whoever we have on our pre-contract shortlist. There will be no sales due to lack of interest/high valuation and no buying due to no money.
  9. Sadly that's the case. 3 I'd name right off the bat would be McAusland, McCann and Alegria. 3 players better than the majority we have playing last night.
  10. Simpson still being at the club let alone of the bench last night tells you everything about the standard of player Gerrard agrees with.
  11. Out of form, out of confidence, out of ideas. I think the crowd only becomes the issue when we concede first or go in at half time losing. Clearly it affects some in the squad and most notably the captain. "Whenever anybody puts a bit of pressure on us in Scotland or gets in our face it seems to affect us too much. "At the start of the season teams dropped off us and we were scoring four or five goals, but now they smell blood straight away and put us under pressure." - James Tavernier, March 2020 Still relevant today as it was before no crowds.
  12. Asked to play a different game for 2 years. Shackled for the sake of the system.
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