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  1. Gerrard has a fear of looking like Benitez and his facts rant. He won't fight anything in the media with force.
  2. For Elite RM. Sure you need Silver or Gold MyGers.
  3. We have full time professional teams playing in the top league on 3rd world country plastic pitches. We are decades away from having v a r in the game.
  4. Possibly give it 5 minutes on SSN and 10 minutes on Jim Whites Talksport program. Apart from that I can't see them giving a shit.
  5. English media give zero fucks about the game up here.
  6. Should've been calling out Clancy well before this. They sat on their hands and done fuck all. Now they give this feathered generic response to a citation by the SFA. No strong words, no powerful rebuttal, nothing.
  7. Totally siding by him. Wish our board would back him as much as we would.
  8. Robustly defend. Yet bend over and take another tarrier cock up the arse when he gets a 4 game touchline ban. Board is a fucking joke.
  9. That Gemma Arterton is a right dirty. Her new leaked vid is good stuff
  10. Only 60 years old. Wrestling takes a ridiculous toll on their body and mind.
  11. Points per game wins you tainted titles
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