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Why do wee need outsiders?


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So,Hmrc have made their decision. It's Liquidation. In my opinion the better of two of the routes Never again will we have the chance to purchase our club at a price the fans can afford.We must take this chance The crushing burden of debt surrounding the club is now gone.The infrastructure,ground and Murray park are for sale to the highest bidder. We must be that bidder.

The Rangers support and Players & Staff have been let down badly by those in charge of the club.We the Rangers Supporters have put, and will always put, more money into the club than any individual.Past.Present or Future.

We have to start our rebuilding as soon as possible.It would not be beyond the realms of reality for the Rangers support to buy the assets of the club using our season ticket money in the short term, as a way to secure the assets. Perhaps putting it into the Fighting Fund so they could bid on our behalf and appoint non paid Directors for a year. Let new investors put their bids forward for the supporters to judge.WHO or What is best for the club. WE Must Never Again leave the fate of our club in the hands of non Rangers Men. No Egotists or fly by night,quick buck specialists.For a short time.

We may have to cut our cloth to suit regarding the playing staff. If we go to the 3rd division. We will have time to choose the right path for the club and the right people to bring in to do so.Being rushed into the Spl at this time at the hands of someone who has stated his desire to be gone in 1year is madness.Who will he be leaving us to? GREEN HOPES TO GET THE ASSETS FOR £5.5 M.and use our ticket money and what looks like a team of small investors to run the club. Could we not do this ourselves? We will also get back rights to money revenues that had been sold off in recent times. With no Debt. a World Wide Loyal Support. World class stadium and training ground. We won't be short of investors or Sponsors.willing to join us.If we can get the balance right. The Stadium and Murray Park was paid for by the fans.They should never be owned by anyone else.

Our future is in our own hands. Hold on tight.

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The only way this could have happened is if from day one HMRC said they would liquidate. We're too far along the Green route for us to get organised and go after it.

The consortium will sell after a few years of restructuring but they'll be looking to make a tidy profit and by that time it'll be a figure out of our reach.

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