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Rangers Reject Late Bid for Nicky Law


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ALLY MCCOIST has revealed Rangers were forced to fend off an 11th-hour bid for Nicky Law at the end of the transfer window.

The 25-year-old playmaker attracted unwanted attention from England as the clock ticked down in January.

However, Ibrox chief executive Graham Wallace rejected the move before even consulting the manager because the bid was deemed derisory for a player seen as part of their long-term plans.

McCoist said: “It came from down south, Graham told me about it and then didn’t even mention any figures.

“He told me out of courtesy because he said it was a non-starter — due to finance and because he, like myself, sees Nicky as a long-term player at the club.”

When asked if it was a club trying to take advantage of their perilous financial predicament, McCoist said: “That would be my guess given Graham’s comments to me and reaction to the bid.”

McCoist admits his growing relationship with Wallace has given him faith that stability beckons for both himself and the club over the coming months.

And he trusts the former Man City finance chief to tell him the truth – a commodity he says was in short supply with the previous incumbents.

He said: “That’s a fair reflection. I’d hope there won’t be more fluctuation between now and the summer.

“I’m scared to open my mouth but you can see I feel comfier in the position of manager with the people around us.

“It’s probably as comfortable as I’ve ever been as manager. That said, I don’t want to tempt fate.

“What I’m trying to say is I’m actively enjoying the relationship with the chief executive now.

“We’re going to games together. We talk two or three times on the phone every day. He comes up to Murray Park and I go to Ibrox. We meet three or four times a week.

“He’s actually publicly said he believes the most important relationship at the club is between the chief executive and the manager. I believe that also.

“After what’s happened at the club over the past couple of years I’m not going to get carried away but I’m very happy with the way things are going.

“And I don’t have any doubt he’s telling me the truth – whereas there was always a doubt about the £20million from Craig Whyte and there was always a question mark about the £10m, £15m or £20m from Charles Green.”

McCoist, however, insists he has not been given any indication by Wallace that he will have to take the axe to his squad size over the summer.

He said: “I’m not anticipating anything other than I’ll be given a budget to work with.

“And I’m hopeful that budget will be a reasonable percentage of the turnover.

“That’s all I can ask for. Graham hasn’t indicated in any way that there’s to be more players, fewer players or that certain players will have to go. So it’d be wrong to start assuming things.”


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