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  1. I don't think anyone is all that worried about losing it now. Just getting bored of watching us play poorly after the top drawer performances up to the end of the Europa groups.
  2. You'll need to get one from a America. You only get Aeroplanes here.
  3. They've skipped the slow decline and went straight to Darkie Johnson.
  4. Thats who it is! I've been watching that for ages trying to figure out who he looked like 😅
  5. He's right in the wall from what I seen. Not a meter away as rule states.
  6. Anybody noticed thier goal shouldn't have stood as Duffy was in the wall?
  7. Let's not pretend to ourselves they'll be reprimanded for this. Like all the other times they've gotten away with blatant breaches. That spinney even said it himself. If he finds wrong doing on celtic being away he'll "remove that privilege" once they've already returned and no one else was going away anyway.
  8. Champagne is for the women. Men drink milk.
  9. As long as we're laughing at the end of the season I couldn't give a fuck what happened on Wednesday.
  10. Pessimistic hied back on. There's still plenty of scope for them to catch us up. We've been on fantastic form which can only really go downward where as they can't really get any worse. Whatever happens between then and now, beating them in January is absolutely crucial. I'd say of that happens its all but over. Until that happens my arsehole will remain air tight.
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