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  1. Did you read it in his voice?
  2. I seen the home kit loads over the weekend. Got to admit its fucking horrible. Cheap looking material and the mustard yellow looks horrible. Add to that the 3 sponsors it's a no from me. Won't be touching it.
  3. Is dornan the cunt that wouldn't let us developed a fan zone around Ibrox?
  4. You've got to admire how he's dealt with all shite flung his way. He's stuck it out and now he's a champion.
  5. Never get an open goal like this again. I'll be very disappointed in the club if they don't see this through.
  6. I've genuinely seen worse trouble at a Mumford and Sons gig.
  7. Incredibly irresponsible of the police to kettle that amount of people on a bridge.
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