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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't tattooing your body extremely frowned upon in Judaism?
  2. Tell you what, there's no way in hell they cunts didn't have a documentary crew going for 10iar
  3. I'd Imagine they'll be going by past arrest records.
  4. I was always taught never to drink fluid with skulls on the bottle.
  5. Some of them are bound to be dead tbf.
  6. This is why they prefer to use social media rather than hold surgeries or any face to face public forum. It's so much easier to just deny access to desenters and ignore questions s they simply don't want to answer or anyone else to hear.
  7. I always point this out to them. Their stupid never ceases to amaze.
  8. Be fair to the guy it must hurt to say that. I hope you beat the filth tommorow and we can turn up at the peadodome rightfull champions and their obvious betters.
  9. Id ather turn up at their dump champions already
  10. Was it not because Hannah said Roofes challenge on that St Johnston boy was the direct reason he went off injured and would miss cup game?
  11. If this is happening they better start fueling up now.
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