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  1. Everything SEGA is on sale on steam atm
  2. Why are they always dancing about like retards? Just get a finger up yer fud and sit doon.
  3. What kind of homo marries a wummin.
  4. That's not even scientifically correct. Its because we live inside the eye of a blue eyed colossus.
  5. He also swore blind that eduard didn't dive for their 1st goal yesterday while everyone else on the show said he went over very very easily.
  6. Or they could've not been spastics and been one team.
  7. Don't believe for a second nobody here has raped a colleague as a prank.
  8. Had to disable my daughters TikTok because of this. Some snide wee cunt will splice it in to peppa pig or something.
  9. 1:40 seems a long time for his highlight reel.
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