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In 10 Minutes.....


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First... I have been working so have not had the privilege of seeing/watching any matches. My 10 minutes that I did see was 5 from last weekend, and 5 from St. Mirren

That is all it took.

All great sides have the capacity to pass the ball around the 18 yard line. All of them. We now do this. The speed of the ball.... We actually know what we are doing.

So.... what I have seen is great movement, great passing... width. But..

We need a proven striker next year. If we get 'him', and a Keeper, we will be back. So far... so good.


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We nearly lost a couple of goals because of it.

When put under P, they passed back to the keeper and all of a sudden the ball was intercepted.

While we need to continue this sale, a lot more work is needed before they are comfortable with it.

The keeper might never be, will have to wait and see.

Mind you Warburton was beelin' then, also exasperated when the keeper launched it up the park, as it came straight back down our end.

It's not perfect, but it's a whole lot more fun.

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