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We are utter crap.


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The board could have invested more, aye. But we still have a far higher wage budget than everyone other than Celtic. 

Warburton chose the personnel to bring in and give bundles of cash to per week, he has messed it royally with his purchases. I could maybe accept if we were a few points adrift of the tims but we're closer to bottom of the league right now. 

I don't know how much more of the dross I can take, just knowing before a ball is kicked that we probably won't win the game is brutal as a Rangers fan. It's going to be the same when we go to Hearts etc. It's not good enough. 

The myth we've not spent any money needs to stop getting used to defend MW, Barton and Kranjcars wages alone probably blow the rest of the SPL out of the water. 

We're terrible and mind numbing to watch now. Foderingham passes it to Hill, Hill is incapable of turning and passing it forward so it goes back to Foderingham who hoofs it up the park. That's genuinely how we play football now. We've got a team full of bottlers lead by Mr Nice Guy, who doesn't have a clue how to manage under pressure like this. 

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I thought we didn't play too badly today, yes we still lost which is a sore one to take but if we took our chances especially in the 1st half I feel we would have got the 3 points. I honestly feel we are starting to play better since the first few games since the season started but just arent getting the breaks

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I think the manager has actually put together a pretty decent squad. Rossiter and Windass look like inspired signings, who should make us millions. Same with Forrester. Fod's a more than decent keeper for where we are. I think there's still a good defender in Wilson, Crooks could be great, same for MoH if he gets a decent run. Obviously Barton is a disaster, but aside from him, my only other complaint would be not spending the Garner money on 1 or 2 CBs and therefore not having to panic sign Senderos.

Every game I look at the team sheet, including the bench, and think it looks really strong. And then they go out and play and the tactics are wrong, the subs are wrong and he has no idea how to change it. It's infuriating.

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