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  1. That’s actually quality. Complicated though 😂
  2. Only in the same way any good, valuable player‘s could
  3. Honestly couldn’t stop laughing at some of their passing, particularly towards the end. Superb entertainment
  4. He’s playing regularly for Colombia and will score 20+ this season. His value will only go in one direction
  5. Pretty sure Kent nutmegged him just outside their box too
  6. Is he?😂 Honestly thought he was late 30s
  7. Ger_onimo


    I agree but yeah, we’re still only one Europe hangover draw on a plastic pitch away from playing catch up again. Long winning run required before we get too excited
  8. At least 5 players on the bench who could easily have started. The way it should be
  9. How fucking shit is Brown though? Constantly losing the ball, spent most of the game on his arse and then decided to spend the rest of the game trying to get Morelos sent off, and couldn’t even do that right. Useless cunt
  10. No different to any of the other shite we face in this league. Men vs boys
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