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  1. And then what do they do? 😂He was like 3rd choice to begin with and they’re an even less appealing prospect now. Lovely stuff
  2. Song whatever you like. These things happen
  3. If he was trying to be vaguely honest, the comparison would be some journalists and a comedian and some podcasters and some teenage football fans
  4. Wonder how Mark McGivern is feeling about his front page scoop now 😂
  5. As I said earlier in the thread, a load of these tweets came to light a couple of years back and fuck all happened, she didn’t even bother deleting them. I can confidently say I’ve never in my life written or typed out the n word, let alone posted it publicly under my actual name, then had it pointed out to me and not even bothered deleting it. Not the behaviour of a non-racist person making a “mistake”
  6. Call It Out, unless the person being called out is my pal, in which case call out anyone who calls it out
  7. She didn’t “make a mistake”. There’s literally dozens of tweets over a prolonged period which show she’s a deeply unpleasant, racist cunt
  8. I see the usually prolific Michael Stewart has remained silent on this issue for more than 2 days. Very odd, the bold Mick couldn’t stop tweeting when it was Rangers fans in the firing line 🤔
  9. The weirdest thing about this Godley business is that these tweets have been going round for years. Remember the ones about 50 Cent getting tweeted at her by Rangers fans ages ago when she wrote some shite about us all being racist or something. She just blocked everyone who tweeted it and everyone ignored it.
  10. There’s barely any Rangers fans who are high profile in the media, politics or anywhere else. Pretty pointless
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