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GF Parents Computer


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as the other guys said check task manager in the process list,will tell you at right had side what resources each open app is using,the svchost.exe is usually outgoing connections from your pc its not uncommon to have a few of these running at once,if one is taking a lot of resources then it may well be a virus/spyware thats connecting to the internet.

heat wouldnt be causing the cpu to run at 100% but obviously with it running at 100% then it will be running alot hotter

trial and error m8 im afraid

run adaware2007 (free)

spybot search and destroy(free)

avg antivirus(free)

if they dont find any problems then its most likely something thats just been installed thats causing it.

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Ya, all that stuff I have done and always due. Also use EMS free surfer which I highly recommend.

I seemed to have cured them for now. My gf has a little sister who messed with it all the time and I have to come in with the cleaners. lol

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