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  1. They are doing as much deflection as they can, they know their name is shit now, on what should probably of been a good promotion for their club.
  2. Or watching people play football when you could have a game in your garden, or down the park.
  3. Loads of people have moved across to pc since controllers have became plug and play on them, especially non specialist for games (Fortnite, call of duty, R6).
  4. These guys also grew up when consoles were very popular, and probably in every kids house, plus they have a shit load of spare time.
  5. Tav is going to throw his brother through a wall soon
  6. Is he playing with flux?
  7. I received mine today. Were they made in Turkey, stitching isnt the best.
  8. So we are practically neighbours ourselves mate. where do you go out drinking to?

  9. hi mate where in edinburgh do you stay?

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