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  1. Is it Gerrard or McGregor that doesn't want him playing every game?
  2. I think we need to stop rotating Keepers and defence.
  3. He is great at holding up the ball, but then this usually leaves him out on the wing with no one in the middle. Some of the chances he has missed lately are van vossenesque.
  4. It was up top that was the issue today, and bringing Arfield on would of made no difference at all.
  5. Will be angling for that SNP gig that was recently freed up by that female comedian.
  6. Castore will have a new line released for it.
  7. It will probably all pin on what players were booed, if it was only black players, then that can be deemed as racist.
  8. Guessing their game at the weekend went swimmingly, with no trouble at all.
  9. They will see booing a player as not racist, and not the point they only booed black players.
  10. Easy way to sort it is watch the whole game again and count the amount of times a white Rangers player gets any jeering, compared to a black Rangers player.
  11. I heard them booing Sakala at one point, they probably thought were clever thinking nothing can happen for only booing players.
  12. It's not as if the comments just came from Rangers/Fans about the booing of black players, it was also portrayed by other media outlets aswell, across the whole of the UK.
  13. We would of won that game last night if we were playing how we were last season. We have been shite this season, and only lucky that everyone else in the league is as well.
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