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  1. Was he just away for a night, or for 8 days?
  2. The SFA and SPFL have to step in and do something before the government step in and halt the season. I would start off with harsh bans for boli, not sure when the Griffith's thing happened, but going forward anyone that falls foul of the rules after the Aberdeen incident should be severely punished, maybe going as far as teams forfeiting games.
  3. Guessing the narrative the refs are against them will be the cry
  4. Seen in BBC gossip that Sutton is banding about £60m figure for edourd
  5. Supposedly the Tim's would be compelled to sell Édouard if a £40m bid is tabled, say Harald Brattbakk, and here is our former.players saying we should take £8m or so for Morelos.
  6. These are the team's we slip up against.
  7. First game, and a hat trick for their star striker. That will be the difference. I know there is a gulf between Hamilton and Aberdeen, but they will do the same thing against Aberdeen as well.
  8. Watching the highlights, are these two commentators on the tim's book
  9. This will be another reason not to get VAR in Scotland, even though it got them a pen.
  10. Holding back then tears, scott
  11. I hope Copenhagen make a complaint about the police
  12. Wait, I thought the tims were going to win the whole thing.
  13. The cops manhandling that player there, wtf.
  14. Double standards again, thumb pushes someone wins the ball and they score a goal, Morelos nudges someone and scores and it is disallowed.
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