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  1. Now the thing that you have to think about is if you get one of these boxes to be used on VM is that more than likely you will have to use your vm broadband to connect the box to which will then connect to the server on the otherside with the encryption codes. The amount of data transferring is very little but you never know. What type of boxes are out for it anyway? HD, twin tuners etc
  2. I would go with kasperky or eset nod32. Although I just have avg free on my machins at home.
  3. j1mgg


    you all seem to know what this is about. I use last.fm on my phone and like the randomness of it but it cuts out alot and skips halfway through tracks sometimes. with spotify can i dl albums or just listen to them and make playlist. On free or premium? cheers
  4. The boy has supposedly turned down celtic twice before signing for us. Been told anton nugent may have been another one who has been on our books and played for roi
  5. If he has done this to them then what is stopping him doing it to us in a season when a low team in the premiership comes knocking?
  6. j1mgg


    Is you mate the owner?
  7. to the OP, nothing has really changed we are still Murrays club and by that you shouldnt be returning. Why do you think we can afford these new signings? It isnt because everyone stopped going and they thought fuck, it was people kept going and investing their hard earned cash in the club. At the end of the day it is your choice and I doubt you will lose any sleep from what a few people you will probably never meet say.
  8. Definately sounds like it is the screen. With most cases if it is the system board the machine will beep when starting up then die. For other problems you would usually see a bios screen at least. The only other thing I can think of is to start it up and leave it to get into windows(hoping you dont have a password) and then put a music cd in and if you have it configured to start playing you should hear noise, but you might not. Could be a expensive repair
  9. I am going to guess that they wont and you will need to use sky. Baiscally, we get f all in scotland from broadcasters, the same happed when scotland play.
  10. A few people have already mentioned that Welcome didnt look any good and lacked basic skills. Barazite on the other hands has had glowing reports.
  11. Can you hear any noise from it when you power it on? Take out the battery and try it off the mains and see if you get the same result? When you press the power button and the lights go on do they stay on? can you see anything on the screen at all, if not but lights are on, do you have an external monitor/tv you can attach it to as it could be the screen buggered?
  12. Being told that FF are reporting it is a done deal.
  13. it looks like hibs have ballsed this one up as their is alot of people that are still uncertain if they have a ticket yet. i received this on saturday so you may still have a chance applying directly Dear all If you haven’t already done so please ensure you have your application for tickets in by 5pm Sunday 15th August. If you have already sent in an application please DO NOT resend. Please do not call to check on the progress of any application as I will be not be in a position to confirm any orders until after the end of business (5pm ) on Monday 16th August. Judith Ireland | Ticket Offi
  14. Of course it does and I should know, mines wouldnt fill an mouse's ear.
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