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Guest marvsbeliever

I know in the frenzy of the transfer countdown this isn't the most exciting topic but I've been thinking could they not try and do something a bit cleverer with the pitch this time rather than just re-laying the turf.

Technology has moved on and I think one plausible option would be to do what thay have at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. They could maintain "spare" tiles at auchenhowie and re-lay a goal-mouth or whole 18-yard box. Not sure how long it takes but it doesn't seem unfeasable to relay the whole pitch mid-season if you have a two week break. Obviously gonna cost a bit (?1m for cardiff) so that probably rules it out but I think it is detremental to our play and a bit of forward thinking (maybe not this particular option) seems to be needed.

(Searching about - seems that it is quite a popular technology)



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