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  1. He clearly wants the job and is playing up for the hordes, its good for us in every way.
  2. Yeah there's no old firm anymore they are too far ahead. We are now further ahead than they were in most seasons we heard that and 4 unbeaten against them(3 wins)
  3. The Chinese fella who broke his putter is a player
  4. You need to have the short game obviously but big hitters do well there, hardly any punishment for wayward drives.
  5. Ah I thought they and juve had 8 in a row
  6. Looks a good player, Gerrard seems excited about him. Reminds me a bit of the McCann signing.
  7. Too young to see him play but loved listening to him talk. Classy guy who loved football and spoke brilliantly about our club.
  8. Lennon noticing the thing hitting him then doing down holding his face. Utterly embarrassing.
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