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  1. I'd be more inclined to believe this thanks to our fucking players
  2. Why would celtic want this postponed any more than us? No decent amount of fans will be in stadiums till at least spring.
  3. Seems to not quite be April time but almost all social life is over for months.
  4. Probably only get 4 points out of that.
  5. Well my point there is the players could be too fired up/anxious to score they fuck up where they wouldn't normally. He always gives theses types of games the big build up and our record is poor. Tbh thats just a theory and it's no excuse for the players morelos miss was unacceptable and if he had scored we would have probably won comfortably.
  6. Thing is he improved us quickly, has done great in Europe and I personally think we play attractive football. I think its a mentality thing(manager included) and I really have my concerns that he overhypes away games like yesterday instead of going there and sweeping them aside.
  7. MacBoyd


    Tragic start to the week
  8. MacBoyd


    pretty much my point/fear in a nutshell
  9. MacBoyd


    I've made threads about them. Weakest area of the team the fact they haven't been upgraded in 2 years is a disgrace.
  10. MacBoyd


    It's completely irrelevant but I was better than he has been so far, I contributed in a positive manner.
  11. MacBoyd


    so you have no concerns at all? How long are you giving him to do nothing? Does he have to contribute at all this season?
  12. MacBoyd


    5 years. We don't have 5 years to wait till itten may or may not become a good player. He's offered no glimpses of anything let alone goals/promise of alot of goals.
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