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  1. Alexa basically playing harley quinn with that oddball as the joker is reasonably entertaining.
  2. Would be brilliant if this helps pile on the pressure on them.
  3. Pretty good. Don't know why he did that stuff late in the first half.
  4. He is utter shite, if he was Scottish he wouldn't even get a game for them
  5. He looks like a player above his opposition. The best thing is, he also looks hungry to show it.
  6. MacBoyd


    Can't see a thread apologies if there is one. He has been the best player in Scotland so far this season. Almost faultless at the back and creates and scores so many. Beyond that though, he looks like a man possessed with winning us the championship. Fair play to the guy, I doubted him but he is going to lead us to the title.
  7. MacBoyd


    The tactical side is fantastic clearly has lennons number. The next question is the mentality, a run of league wins now and celtic will worry, go and do it this time.
  8. pointless negativity. If anyone should worry/be disappointed it's hagi.
  9. MacBoyd


    He's magnificent, represents us well it's no wonder Gerrard praises him. On Ally, I thought his bias came through and he was clearly enjoying the game. He is one of the best pundits in the UK and can't go overboard.
  10. Team picks itself tbh. Usual back 5, davis Jack and kamara in midfield. Arfield morelos and Kent upfront. Should be more than enough for a victory. My only concern is morelos, out of form just back from Colombia and let's face it his old firm record is unacceptable. Needs to be clinical tomorrow.
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