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  1. Had to give up my season ticket for financial reasons. How do you go about getting ticket for random game like hibs next week? Do you need to be in that mygers thing?
  2. Actually think that was our worst performance of a poor season so far. However we won and there's a skill to that. Playing like this all season won't result in us winning the title I don't think, we need to find something soon.
  3. Love golf never quite got the hype for this. No affliction for the continent really and see it as solely individual sport.
  4. For some reason we don't get good bids for our big players though. I personally thought 7m for our second choice right back was a good offer tbh. Could have got a good midfielder and striker for that.
  5. Bit of an elephant in the room but I agree Kamara has been on of the worst.
  6. This is what they hate the most. Other fans on social media mock them for bigging up their atmosphere alot on social media.
  7. You can look at these things too much but of the pitch has been so wrong since 55 and it seems to be spilling on.
  8. Tbf he did give us 6 mins injury time most scottish refs don't for us.
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