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  1. That one killed me­čśů
  2. MacBoyd

    Ryan Kent

    Hides on the pitch imo. Gets the ball runs inside then plays an easy pass. Been here a long time now if we could get our money back I'd take it.
  3. I like him best on the right for the front 3. Playing utter shite now though, decent touches then woeful pass after it.
  4. Gerrard sounding like a very experienced manager at the end there.
  5. Yeah maybe, I admit I'm much more paranoid than I used to be. Sleeping into situations and allowing narratives to be written has been a big downfall of our though we can't let that happen. Ppg was some nonsense thought up at a whim, the Lurgan bigot said it at a press conference then the papers ran with it. No other top league went that way as far as I know.
  6. Your probably right. Hopefully the team keep their eye on the task at hand tomorrow.
  7. No they aren't. The sfa asked all clubs on Friday night to decide by Monday after a complaint by one club. This club have said they want to play and it was all done after their manager revealed concerns in an interview. The speed it was jumped on is worth worrying about.
  8. Tomorrow is matchday 24 in what world can we not play 14 games by mid May?
  9. So last seasons antics give you no fear about what's going on fairly out of the blue here? There have been small outbreaks of cases all season and that continues. Why is this being spoke about. Last ditch attempt by them or to cover up dubai.
  10. That match was the one where both sides started to feel it was over the game changed after it imo. The calls for the season to stop dispute case numbers dropping and very few affected in football has properly started.
  11. I can't believe the dismissal of all this on here, you really can't see it? Look what they did 10 months ago. There is no reason for the championship to stop, something stinks.
  12. Anyone dismissing this as nonsense is a fool. I'm disappointed Gerrard hasn't spoke yet once the Lurgan bigot does we are behind the narrative again.
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