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  1. Think we might be low on confidence at start of season Munich, Liverpool away and arsenal(prob beat them tbh)
  2. Anyone going to any of them? Been offered a ticket for Croatia v Czechs but not sure as I'm sure nippy will have some daft rules about it. Apparently you can't buy food inside the stadium and you could be there for hours before and after the game. For some reason you might be allowed to buy drink, cos you know covid won't care about that.
  3. Anyone else bored of the we can boogie shite already?
  4. It's always been that way he can dish out sectarian abuse but can't take it back. He can have a go at refs but if anyone else does it's sour grapes. He can go down holding his face after he noticed a coin bounce off his jacket but no opposition players can dive. He can hold up all his fingers and talk about 15 iar but the fans cant when it goes wrong. He brings so much of all the bitterness on himself and after 20 years his faithful followers have opened their eyes.
  5. Actually think he's decent, good pace too. Unlikely to be a starter but better than Stewart or Barker.
  6. Very surprised by these comments I thought he was a good player. As stated above we over payed but that's not his fault.
  7. So now they can see he blames everyone else for his faults and uses his pals in the media to set his own narrative. The Rangers supporters have been telling you this for 20 years you peado harbouring scum.
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