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  1. Selling 1x Forfar ticket

    Selling my Forfar ticket as I can't make it. In the paisley area could meet if needed.
  2. Our own half

    I possibly expect more from our team and management. The style of play has been terrible, for a long time. I respect what McCoist has brought us through, he was a strong character at a horrible time. But I think it's time to move forward.
  3. Our own half

    Aye a agree, it's an effort to go to Ibrox now, let alone stay for the full 90, due to the drivel on the park. And as for McCoist ... I've said it for months he's not the 1 to take is forward, but many mixed opinions on that matter.
  4. Our own half

    Today at the game, it was very concerning to see when we were in possession of the ball the negativity of the players to go forward. Countless times we would pick up the ball and our whole team is camped in our half. It almost looks as if we are scared to push forward. Watching stirling, when they were in possession, they would press us very well. We seem to hold a very deep line, in which ( amongst other factors ) creates us a lot of bother. I don't think it is an excuse to say a lot of 1st team players are out. These lads are training most days to an spl standard with the very best facilities, what ever rangers team was on that park should have beat stirling. No communication, no drive, no self belief.... Just shite. Something has to give, as there is a lot of unrest about Ibrox on match day. Possibly the worst I've witnessed today.
  5. Green won't sack McCoist

    Like most people, I was a massive ally fan growing up. However, as a manager I haven't rated him for a long time. I think the way we went about our business in summer was wrong. We should have signed players that were used to the lower leagues. Save ourselves money and also use the experience of these players. I understand we had to sign some so called big name player to keep the peace, but some of his signings have been shocking. I don't think it is wise to trust ally with a transfer fund. I struggle to see his motive in signing some players. I believe this should have been our opportunity to integrate a decent style of play, instead of our constant long ball routine. I long to see decent football played at Ibrox. And keeping McCoist here, we will never see it. It's sad to say, but I would like to see him step aside. Time to freshen things up.
  6. Selling Brewick ticket.

    Selling my Berwick ticket.My brother is heading down and can meet up. Cheers
  7. Ross Perry and his "injury"

    I thought this was the case aswell. Realized he was onto a howler.
  8. Barry Ferguson

    Still do a better job than black
  9. McCoist's Rangers Are Not Starting Games Well Enough

    There seems to be no urgency until something significant happens i.e. We go a goal down or there is 20 minutes left on the clock. I am sick of hearing the same old cliche " every game is a cup game ". These teams are putting 11 men behind the ball by the time we realise we need to get a finger out, it's too late. Ally has to adopt a strategy to break this down, we have good enough players to do this. Also it's the manager and coaches Duties to come up with the tactics to deal witn the oppositions defencive line. Standing on the side lines looking puzzled really pisses ye off. I understand we are still settling in, but come on its part time players. Simply not good enough.
  10. We have a bus that leaves from the croft bar in paisley , good rangers pub (bout 5-10mins from airport in a taxi) , bus is a fiver mate. The more the merrier . Get the chance to have a pint aswell
  11. Reply from ticket office

    The email I got last week still had me down for 4 direct debits, where is the lump sum chat cmin from?
  12. next ibrox protest

    Way hey
  13. Season ticket decision

    Glad to hear this... To much brainwashing and niavity in our support
  14. Season ticket decision

    Just looking for general feed book from folk, and their decisions on their season books. After a hectic week regarding John " the bomber " Brown and his useless propaganda. And also having the lad that runs our bus asking us to boycott buying my season ticket until Green is out. I have decided not to listen to them and go with what I feel is right. Seeing those 13 lads turn up at training yesterday, and looking at the pictures, I feel ( as I have since Green took over ) that I am going to show my support to the club and buy my ticket next week. It was a promising sign to hear all players and staff got paid on time and I want this to continue. I like to come on this site and see people that share my opinion, that albeit not fully supporting Green, but want a resolution and get our great club back on track. How can we move forward if we starve Rangers of money. What is the opinions will you be renewing?
  15. Salim kerkar

    Probably 1 of not many, but absolutely over the moon kerkar has returned. The lad has shown great loyalty to the club and the club to him. Fantastic. Also to all the other lads. These guys have sat on the bench waiting for their time, well here it is. Feeling a bit more optimistic today unlike the last week.