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  1. Can't believe this Gordon Elliott shit. What a fucking prick. Cheltenham is probably a lot more interesting now. Surprised to see Cheveley Park sending most of their horses to HdB. Think a few owners might just use someone like Olly Murphy as a shill. Still all up in the air now.
  2. He used to drink in my local, talked to him quite often. He would call himself "Yoerg" but with an extra wee bit on the end because of his accent. It sounded to us like "Yoergke". The umlaut over the 'o' adds a missing 'e'. 'J' is always pronounced 'Y' in German no matter where you're from. Where Albertz is from it's a harsher accent you get off Germans there than you would in the North, hence the kind of harsh stop on the last bit. Fuck knows if this helps, it probably doesn't.
  3. What was it SG said after the game on Thursday, "Eh... he steps up and plays better in games like this and I think I know why he does it..." or something like that. He's a good player, maybe even a great one but the constant shit about him going or staying really fucks me off. As if we've to be grateful to him for every day he spends here picking up a generous wage that he himself agreed to in a contract negotiation a couple of years ago.
  4. You could argue that our European performances have done a wee bit more for the Scottish game than St Johnstone winning the league cup. But that would mean engaging with them and dignifying their shite with a response. Fuck 'em.
  5. BBC Scotland coming out with some shite on the news there about them being Scotland's second most successful club in the last decade. Nae bother.
  6. Found the 12" version tonight. Like the extended intro. Goes to fuck a bit near the end though. Drum machine tomtoms, the last resort of an 80s remixer out of ideas. https://tinyurl.com/3w8rkrzm
  7. That Kennedy must be as shite as Lennon was, you'd have expected them to win better at home after getting shot of that prick from their setup, some sort of reaction. And yet again, what a bullet we dodged not getting McInnes in.
  8. Just ordered them so will send them to you if you PM your address.
  9. Tell me what I have to do and I'll send you them. You don't need to buy me anything.
  10. He's not. His father was a Rangers scout for years. He's 100% bear is Davie Moyes sr. Still doesn't excuse DM jr pulling the jersey on for that mob right enough.
  11. Yeah but we don't talk about that, those are just typos mate.
  12. What sort of world do you live in when you think 'allowed' is spelled 'aloud'.
  13. Sutton sounded like he'd had his balls done on the BT highlights there
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