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  1. Try Soulseek mate? Still going after 20 odd years and easier to use than a torrent site. http://www.slsknet.org/news/node/1 Not a word to @Terry Hurlock Loyal though whatever you do.
  2. They should play Thunderstruck at Ibrox before games. What a fucking tune.
  3. Been fucked with sciatica for the last three weeks. Couldn't walk. Off the prescription painkillers on Tuesday and enjoying a beer again tonight. Glorious.
  4. Mr TBOB senior was going off his head about this last week. Said he wasn't running live AC cables without switches on them to anything in the ceiling of his house no matter who told him to. Used to be a spark in the 60s/70s and spent 35 years teaching Electrical Engineering after that. "It's alright da, I'll get you the battery ones." -But why are they giving this advice to people? That causes fires.
  5. Judging by this and your other thread I think there's a chance your personal details may have been compromised @British_Empire.
  6. Aye they don't adjust prices like that in relation to what they think or don't think is going to happen, all they're doing is trying to make a profit.
  7. Saw a guy in the Co-Op with three of their shitey wee trollies full of all sorts. Saturday night and, about 10 people with bevvy waiting behind him. Was going to have a go at him until I realised his wife must have just left him or something.
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