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  1. It's a glaringly obvious thing that's changed, but come on. These are professional footballers on a lot of money. As I said on the other thread, if it's indeed true that that's the problem it's Gerrard's job to fix it. And fix it promptly. This shit about paying fans who out of all sources pay the most into the club being the problem just doesn't wash with me mate.
  2. You can't be a successful manager without people knowing you can be an absolute bastard if you have to be.
  3. If that were true, whose job would it be to fix it?
  4. To be honest if Hagi is on his game he can be unplayable. Problem is 'can be', we don't see it often enough. Wright at his best still isn't good enough.
  5. Fair play to the sellik fans on kerrydale. Just about all of them being very decent and respectful.
  6. If McLean was a genius, it says much about Smith that he was the trusted lieutenant. Dundee United, this corner-shop club, were Scottish champions and a European force in the early 1980s. McLean’s earlier pitch to Smith is the stuff of legend. “He said to me one day in 1976-77: ‘At some stage in your career you’ve got to face up to the fact of how good you are,’” Smith said. “’And let’s face it Walter, you’re shite. But I think you’ve got a real talent as a coach, so would you be my coach?’ It was hardly a marriage proposal.” https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/oct/26/walter-smith-scottish-football-great-modest-rangers
  7. Bruce knows in his heart he's just a useless bastard who makes money off coming in and trying to keep teams up. The guy has achieved nothing as a manager. He's the Fulham of managers.
  8. We'll be lucky to get 2 bob and a balloon for him the way he's playing just now. Fuck knows what's going on in the wee man's head but he needs to get on his game. Don't care if that means he has to work twice as hard as everyone else in training.
  9. It's my dream to go to Sparta Prague vs Slavia Prague. Also, all I want for Christmas is a Dukla Prague away kit.
  10. Imagine Mbappe wandering about Newcastle toon centre. I think it's a shithole and I'm from Glasgow, wtf is that guy going to think.
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