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  1. @1NachoNovo See when you were looking at the prices and you thought they were to win the whole thing, did it not seem a bit strange that there was a price on offer for a draw?
  2. Don't think I can watch this second half, that co-commentator has given me a sore head with the shite she was coming out with.
  3. Lennon going on about folk being out of shape
  4. Daft bastard's bought a top that's a few sizes too wee.
  5. Davie Moyes' suit jacket He'd be as well rolling up the sleeves on it to complete the look.
  6. FFS. Player with cramp and they put a wee black window over that part of the screen in case anyone gets upset seeing it.
  7. They could always insist on getting all the medals back and then melt them down again and make another trophy.
  8. Closer to the halfway line than his own area, but you can't blame him for that.
  9. You can tell Clarke is an absolute balloon from the shite he comes out with, trying to make out he's got a handle on everything. "Losing a goal through a set-piece second phase is particularly disappointing." Guys like Gerrard would never talk like that.
  10. Don't forget blaming the crowd for going quiet after the second goal.
  11. Don't know mate but Wikipedia says Advocaat in 1998.
  12. It's probably right to be a bit concerned about the big guy. He's 55 and looks older than my dad who is 75.
  13. Does that weird bastard Desmond not know that every problem he has can be solved by paying out money? Hilarious.
  14. Zidane now second favourite for the sellick job.
  15. He's on about £400,000 a week as well man.
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