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  1. Andy walker never a penalty must be watching a different game.
  2. Spfl falling like a pack of cards. That Falkirk statement is superb. Corrupt to the core.
  3. Hope club make this public, once every club confirm receipt after spam folders checked. Although it will probably be leaked at some stage of the day
  4. 👏👏👏 oh the timing of this is fantastic. Well done to the board
  5. That tiger King is absolutely fucking nuts.
  6. Mates stag do to Majorca cancelled. No other alternatives with Jet 2. So now looking at city's in UK. Mind you the way the way they are shutting stuff down, god knows where we will end up. Fucking gutted, cause of some Chinese dude eating a fucking bat.
  7. When ur manager should be leading you through a defeat. Talking about quitting, am sorry fuck off.
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