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  1. Sorry mate, don't agree. A protestant club? don't think so in this day and age, although I recognise our foundation. We have had just about every religion under the world play for us, especially in the last 20 years ala MoJo, but think who's played since, Cohen, Namuchi, Albertz, and FFS one of our captains big Lorenzo. I support Rangers through thick and thin and was brought up in the 60's where it wouldn't be heard of signing anyone other than a WASP so I know where you're coming from, however even like Yorkshire cricket team you have to realise what your missing out on by only picking one section of the population, I would love to see Rangers win something significant in Europe, but to put people off signing for us and help to achieve my dream because we are a Protestant club, would surely be a backward step on our behalf.
  2. Well thats what it's all about my friend, opinions, however yours is right up my arse.
  3. Is it just me that's noticed Britains top goalscorer has been ignored in all the fallout from yesterdays game. Surely a few of the crossed balls would have found their way to his right/left foot and gave us a better result. Kris Boyd you have done nothing wrong in my book and if the club accepts an offer that you agree to then you should take it up, scoring goals is what you are about and I for one would sorely miss you.
  4. You really should come in from the cold and look at our recent history.
  5. Seems like you think Cousin will be signing a new contract.
  6. I thought the reason that we had Murray Park was to nurture the countrys finest talents then have them play, if good enough, for several years as dependable members of the sqaud, thus saving the club a fortune. How wrong was I, the first decent player to come through the Murray Park system is to be punted to an average premiership team at the first chink of light from their coffers. I sincerely hope this isn't the trend to be set. Seems like we bring the players on then get rid of them when the first decent bid comes in. But is it profitable? how much would we have to spend to replace Hutton with his ability,age and a 5 year contract that the ink hasn't even dried on. I really fear for us if this trend is to continue. Barry Ferguson got his eyes opened when he went down South, I only hope he tells Hutton what he could be letting himself in for.
  7. That will be right, why spend nearly 2mil on Naismith and not play him? Millers had his chance at the brox and couldnt cut it, hopefully a no go.
  8. 1/2 time and still 1-0 up, nearly not though due to that cheatin bastard juninho, will as much be made of his dive as there was in the one given against scotland recently, we'll see. just one more point, why does Barry have to take every free kick as quickly as possible? seems to me half the team haven't prepared for the pass and possession more often than not falls back to the opposition, only a thought, back to the 2nd half, cmon the bears!!
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