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  1. Celtic haven’t and probably won’t ask for it to be postponed. Some of our fans making a right tit of themselves on social media.
  2. Zungu and that’s our lot a think
  3. What game were use watching if use think Goldson was shite 😂😂
  4. Why would you want a pic with the tarrier cunt 😂
  5. Certainly won’t be writing the boy off after so few minutes. Has reminded me of big Herrara so far though 😂😩
  6. Not for me. We’ve entered the season with Gerrard so we should stick with him.
  7. Ref certainly had a shocker mate yes. Some really poor defending at the goals and some bad finnishing cost us
  8. Not expecting us to win every game in a season but first real challenge and individual errors cost us again. Not many winners in our team
  9. Reminded me of the away end at the pedodome if you’re up the top tier in our old allocation
  10. Good trip that. All had to be bussed in from Rangers officially and we’re told not to get too drunk 😂
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