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  1. The nerves have gone for me now and it’s just one big tremendous buzz 😃 Its coming home
  2. Sheer stupidity from all involved
  3. Will have played nearly every game in a team that’s not lost a league game yet and on our way to our first title in a decade so a would say we’ve had our money’s worth out of anyone that’s in and around that starting team yes.
  4. A like him. Needs to work on his finnishing though. Folk saying cash in on him in the summer but can’t see Gerrard wanting to change too much to a winning team
  5. A winter slump fucking hell 😂
  6. What should we be doing? Personally a wouldn’t be changing anything about the way we have went out about our business this season untill the titles wrapped up.
  7. He’s not terrible just have a lot better on the bench. Seemed to slow our play down more than anything else.
  8. Think both wing backs have not been at there best for a few weeks now
  9. Going by sky sports he had signed a pre contract the other day with them 😂
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