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  1. Remove it from the pitch He's fucking skied it higher than a Christie shot.
  2. Delighted. If he stays and finds his form even better, but if he goes he'll leave with my blessing and the bidding can start at 20mil.
  3. Would play Helander with crutches before him.
  4. David Moyes clearly never watched England at the Euros this summer.
  5. Mental how they're still so raging about the Lennon/Sutton thing when they successfully got Boyd pulled from TV cause they were so offended by his smiling.
  6. Who was the cunt that designed celtic's kits and said: right, let's make the away kit green, and the 3rd one white? Fucking idiotic Weird watching Betis play at home in blue.
  7. Was about to turn it off tae, but Hartson is some laugh
  8. Sutton greeting about our Everyone Anyone campaign as if it has any relevance Giggling like school weans at our demise like the professional "pundits" they are. Wouldn't have let them in either, well done the club 👏
  9. Gutting for him considering how much faith has been put in the lad so far this season.
  10. Genuinely wouldnt be surprised if they get handed a script when they sign for their first presser with a fabricated story about how they've always supported them.
  11. Patterson showing Clarke up for not playing him at Euro's..
  12. Anyone hear Lee Hendrie on earlier questioning Ronaldo's ability, fitness and capability of hacking the Premier League earlier? Also criticised the signing because it forces Greenwood down the pecking order. I'm sure the lads gutted to be learning from him every day in training.
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