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  1. That defender they signed that's played 4 games and conceded 10 goals? The way they wax lyrical about him is just strange. Yet to see him put in a decent cross but somehow he's this big threat going forward.
  2. Surprise surprise, this comes literally days after celtics "rude awakening" week. At least if they null and void the league they'll finally be able to get last year's Scottish Cup wrapped up.
  3. If Balogun continues to impress it would be silly not to keep him just because Katic will be back. Keep him and send the fridge out on loan and we've improved our defence and getting one of our prospects game time without spending a penny.
  4. Look at all those 0's.
  5. Dunno why but I'm buckled at this
  6. I must be missing something, they were praising him highly after Thursday - His delivery has been boggin, not seen him put in a single decent cross in 3 games now and Tav was just toying with him on Saturday. Early days but I hope they spunk the 9mil on him Milan are asking.
  7. No injuries, 3 points, clean sheet, 6 clear. Take that.
  8. That would have been a sore one for Holt. Big Bassey hoofing the ball right in your face.
  9. In fact can we make any more subs? We've used 3 in 3 different intervals?
  10. Didn't expect anything else. They're one of the most one dimensional teams I've ever seen.
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