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  1. Wouldn't exactly have lost any sleep over them getting Howe, but the hilarity of him turning them down when a lot of their shitty wee fan groups were "announcing" this as a done deal days ago will be well worth it.
  2. Morelos is entertaining to watch even when he's not playing
  3. Defoe is one of our most shrewd signings in recent history.
  4. Cunt should have saved himself time and just posted this part and shown himself up for the racist scum piece of shit he is. Racism not as bad as "bad football tackles" 🤦‍♂️
  5. They're going with the "Howe spotted in Glasgow" stuff. Probably with a nose bleed being so far from home.
  6. And I thought Lennon was bad for team morale Be delighted if this gets confirmed. Was who I had been hoping for since the position became available and the more you look into it, the better it gets.
  7. Overheard some tims going on about the Roy Keane stuff so googled it to see if it was true and the first thing that came up was about former players of his slagging him off saying how much of a cunt he was to play for. Their timid wee dressing room will have him chased out the door by Christmas, that's if he doesn't spook off their "superstars" first.
  8. The way clubs value players has changed a lot in the last 10-15 years. His potential needs to be taken into account just as much as his current ability. I'd be wanting more than 9mil.
  9. Guilty party often shouts the loudest. They really should fucking shut it, they're starting to embarrass themselves with all these statements, interviews and forced video packages.
  10. David Walliams looking cunt was shitting himself when Gerrard was having words on the pitch side. Big mouth now they're back home.
  11. But... The split is a farce.
  12. Promising player, but not a starter yet. We need to make his position a priority in the summer.
  13. O'Neill is one awkward cunt. I'm getting second hand embarrassment here listening to him.
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