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  1. I'm already resigned to the fact that we'll probably lose Kamara sooner than later, but if he ended up at fucking Brighton I'd be gutted tbh.
  2. Finland players didn't know how to celebrate that goal. This still feels a bit weird.
  3. Asking the players to continue the match in 20 minutes is a baffling decision. Apparently players decision, so fair fucking play 👏 dunno if I'd be able to just get on with it after that.
  4. Kinda wanted them to get him, but the fall out from him turning them down after the months long wait has more than made it worth while. They're spewing. And he hasn't even officially turned them down yet
  5. Omar Richards signs for Bayern
  6. It was 1am local time when Terry slipped and missed his penalty
  7. We have more fans at Ibrox than the entire population of Villarreal. What a feeling must be for them.
  8. Howe spent £74mil on Dominic Solanke, Jordon Ibe, Jefferson Lerma and Philip Billing. £74 million If they give him money to spend and he throws it away to that extend we could pull away from these cunts for years to come.
  9. 8-2 be them. Come on, someone had to say it...
  10. As if it was needed, but their Facebook and Twitter accounts have shown them up to be the classless cunts they are for months and months and it has made for some fantastic reading. The wee failed digs at us to try and get them on board
  11. This season just keeps getting better and better.
  12. After the failures of last decade or so, it looks weird seeing the two Milan clubs finishing 1st and 2nd.
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