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  1. A gay bar you have visited recently ?
  2. For me between now and the end of the season is all about consistency, something we havent been since the first 9 games of this season. Become hard to beat, don't give silly mistakes and goals away. If we keep winning then it gives them something to worry about, firmly believe we can do them home and away in the two games left this season and that doesn't give them much space to breath. 3/4-0 tonight to the famous, i fancy a good solid performance, love seeing Kent Morelos Candeias as a front 3 plenty of pace, power and commitment between them to cause any defense problems.
  3. Looking for 2 spares for this, already booked hotel and didn’t realise the bastards went on sale yesterday the 1 day I haven’t checked in the last 2 weeks!!
  4. IIRC he literally said when he first signed that this was a stepping stone for the EPL move.
  5. For anyone interested! http://www.corbytown.co.uk/news/corby-town-v-Rangers-ticket-arrangements-2399257.html?fbclid=IwAR3lOBpSUlkjmFVL-E6Jz8fRQulUQ7zRPugFC0HvrD3tWFcMTD-tZ5ZVEyM Happy to help out in any way i can for anyone who wants to get a ticket for it.
  6. How so mate, its clear as day brother bobby seen the offence, it would have been right to sent shagger off but this decision by the SFA is not correct.
  7. Or a decent scouting department and a decent budget ?
  8. Wow talk about ambition fella, you think Rangers will never sign a striker better than Morelos? shall we just fold now then ?
  9. Maybe, but they where pish
  10. Aye I also hope he doesn't wisen up and become a decent player so we can make a proper decent return on investment and bring in a potentially better player or players 😶
  11. what aboutery is a bad path to follow my man
  12. You disagree?, give the guy chances and he's easily one of the best natural finishers in the game, at a top 6 EPL side creating enough chances a game he would definitely be up there with the top scorers in the league.
  13. IMO with the way he was playing all game building up to it, going in for challenges and into players with no intention of playing the ball, hes dug is own grave. He left the boot in and tried to rake Mckenna's leg, no complaints from me, i like that hes physical but by fuck does he need to wisen up, wont ever get his EPL move doing daft shit like that on the regular. tonnes of potential in the lad to go on and be a quality player, just needs to grow up, quickly.
  14. You just knew as soon as Defoe received the ball in that position he was going to score, absolutely one of the deadliest finishers around, said it for years any top 6 EPL side should have taken him, give him the right support and he's easily a 20+ a season striker
  15. Shagger needs to teach Alfredo how to challenge
  16. im gonna get pelters aint i, hes clearly left his boot in on mckenna and tried to rake it down his leg
  17. Morelos is such a fucking mug at times man when the fuck will he ever learn
  18. Rangers played Corby in a friendly twice about 8 and 10 years ago at the time I was doing kit man duties with my cousin for Corby so I got my tickets pretty easy but i'm certain they where on sale at the corby council office and certain days at the ground itself, if you really want to come over and watch it bud I can sort you out no bother, ill be going to this.
  19. Come on down here for the game and you can finally meet your favorite poster
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