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  1. Khabib will do what he does in every other boring fight, might take 2/3 rounds but he will get where he wants to be, probably will be a stinker he won’t want any stand up with gaethje.
  2. Probably have to keep it with the money they will be paying Khabib Yeah that would make sense, be a massive audience
  3. They should be taking that off ppv! definitely streaming it fuck paying for that, I’m kinda glad it’s 7pm this time round I’m up early Sunday morning!
  4. Fucking Villarreal the jobbies 2-0 up, conceded then missed a pen now 2-2
  5. Albertz, Amo, McKay, possibly Ness all up there
  6. Think Roofe made some sort of “A” gesture towards there bench/fans class
  7. Good job this was 5.55 KO probably wouldn’t have went ahead if it was 8
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