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  1. Celtic drop points tomorrow we win Wednesday win the league against St mirren next weekend get that done and dusted Beat prague away, a whole week to prep for the home game do them at home Pump Celtic Draw Molde in the quarters pump them home and away Draw Villarreal in the semi pump them home and away skud arsenal in the final and party in Gdańsk Jobs a fucking goodun
  2. Will take that, them cunts will underestimate us after beating Leicester
  3. Won these but, cashed out at 90 minutes when I seen Napoli 7 minutes extra time, was for £56 overall So close with the rangers game bet builder, was for £150
  4. Hopefully not a contender for worst cash out of the season Leverkusen BTTS win at the bottom there, £2 on bet was for £700 back
  5. Mad mate I won 5 free spins on the daily spinner thing won like 70p played that down and a couple quid then hit that. Smashing
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