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  1. Not sure if this has already been picked up on in this thread but just seen this a fourth kit in October 😅 £££££££
  2. Actually no just seen it on twitter and shamelessly stole it 😅 14 episodes deep watching season 1 King of queens for what it’s worth 😅
  3. Unreal, SG and the recruitment team have done an incredible job since he arrived. Can only imagine the squad we could have next season should we qualify for the CL this season and win the league thus auto qualify for the CL again.
  4. Left at 5am to watch the famous left straight after just into my pit now it’s been absolutely fabulous 😅 I’m fucked! much like the animals!
  5. Mon the champions! Ruthless performance today set down a marker!
  6. I have a ticket for livi, and I can’t even make the old firm game even if I managed to get a ticket. But my view is if those who got a ticket for livi are effectively ruled out of old firm then it’s not fair, for me it’s undeniably one of the biggest fixtures of the season and the one that everybody wants to go to. if it was any other team then it’s understandable, but not an old firm. ideally won’t be the case anyway. Hope it’s a full house and everyone can make it 👍🏼
  7. Wonder if many plan on turning up to create an atmosphere outside for the players arriving again?
  8. I genuinely believe they drop points at the weekend Edit- Dunno why said genuinely as if it was unbelievable
  9. All tough ties IMO Would prefer Zagreb/Warsaw, but still not at all easy
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