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  1. I saw Tyson walking to the ring then i crashed out
  2. Joyce saying Dubois supposed broken eye socket in an IFL interview
  3. Oh we will just have to assume I’d give you the Joyce jab treatment then
  4. 😂 ey next time I’m up the road I’m Happy to meet up and do some sparring in a gym big boy
  5. Based on a couple of the shots Joyce took of Dubois (fair fucks he took em) I don’t think he could afford to take one of wilders bombs. while we’re talking of wilder, would like to see him fight Ruiz, or just fuck off that would be great too, guys a total bellend.
  6. think I’m wrong, on last I think. Won’t be staying up
  7. Got a polish stream on hesgoal for this Tyson fight, got my headphones in listening to music anyway! Don’t think it’s to long til the fights on, first one I think unless I’m wrong
  8. Well then, can put this to bed Fuck Jack Wilshere
  9. Oh it’s the pancake you get with the shredded duck whatever that’s made of I dunno
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