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  1. I actually walk round with a permanent stauner
  2. I get what your saying, but I ain’t selling anything or gaining from any of this 😂
  3. Yeah when you see all of Tyson’s training videos it’s hard to imagine him going in there for a bit of a chess match
  4. I didn’t know where to put this i keep putting it back to the beginning about 50 times the sound of the ball coming off the boot and hitting the net is so satisfying
  5. All the places I follow online are all convinced things are really going to take off in the next couple of weeks. Either going to hover round where it is right now then keep going up or hover about here, drop a bit because there’s been some huge gains over the last week or so and a correction/pullback is healthy, then rocket off up so either way it’s going up everyone is convinced of that, it’s just whether people take the risk of trying to get in lower or just jumping in now
  6. It is wise now, however price is going to drop a tiny bit over the next few days to week(in my opinion, could be wrong), so if your fussed about getting the most pinpoint entry then perhaps wait but if you don’t know a whole lot about what your doing that could become a real ball ache I guess trying to figure out when to jump in looking at the bigger picture now would be a good time to get in, just about get 2 XRP for a quid.. considering over the last 3 years a lot of people have paid £1/3 for 1 XRP and still feeling confident in the long term Won’t be overly long before people
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