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  1. Just can't criticise him to be honest, the amount of times he's saved us is staggering, more annoyed with our strikers, we've been getting away with murder lately with hivs getting man sent off and Dundee missing penalty, we won't win this league if we keep playing like this.
  2. Gerrard, you need to have a good look at yourself, substitution was horrendous.
  3. Tav and Morelos were fuckin woeful today but I blame the manager, he should have took Morelos off.
  4. Most crazy substitution I've saw, morelos should have been off.
  5. They have not had a sniff of goal yet, another goal for us should see it through, we are outplaying them in every area.
  6. When they got a man sent off the game changed, in my opinion we wouldn't have won that game with 11 v 11
  7. I think we got away with another one today albeit delightful bud hopefully we kick on from here, need to improve and if we do no one will touch us.
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