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  1. There were a lot of fans very much against King taking us over saying he just wanted his millions back from previous years, I for one am so glad he did come in to take us off the hands of a greedy fat bastard that is Ashley, he fought tooth and nail through the courts to get everything back that belonged to Rangers, I really hope Dave King comes back and takes the plaudits he deserves for taking us back to where we belong.
  2. My monies on Clarke, the prick that took his family to London to escape the bigotry, he's got the face for it.
  3. Was just about to mention that, you've saved me the bother, don't know why we stopped singing it, I loved how we use to sing that and then straight into the upbeat cry was no surrender.
  4. So we are playing the scum three days after our home tie.
  5. Would love the wee man to bang in the winner at Torbet towers to win us the league.
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