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  1. Needs to bring a lot more to his game, his first few touches yesterday was a pass to the other team, scored a goal out of nothing tbf but not for me I'm afraid, hope he proves me wrong.
  2. Had a great game tonight
  3. Fuckin 1.5 hrs in q and can't get fuck all for Madrid game.
  4. Bastard missed it tonight, I'm gonny ask them to up it to two hours to accommodate more greetin Tim's.
  5. So one look in for a laugh is obsession ? Get a grip ffs.
  6. No, their obsessed with us I just wanted a laugh 👍
  7. A canny believe I done this but I wanted a laugh, I ventured into KS to see what they were saying and fuck me it was worth it, their going mental, some cunt said they saw Moyes in Glasgow and some of the tits are saying please make it be true 😂😂, they are in bits it's brilliant, the second thread was about us 🙈, we live in their heads there is no doubt.
  8. Heard one of them earlier saying he was writing to the ticket office to cancel his ticket as he had a 14 day cooling off period 😂😂😂
  9. You do know their in advanced talks 😂😂
  10. Correct,they knew Howe wasn't coming, "Eddie gie us a couple of days to sell these daft cunts season tickets then we'll announce it "
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