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  1. Currently going into 9th season, have won 8 domestic trebles in a row (6 undefeated), won the Europa league in 1st season and 6 out of 7 Champions leagues losing the other to Man City. Best signing ever is Youssoufa Moukoko - free transfer. In the last season played he scored 73 goals in 43 games in all competitions. He has nearly broken Mccoists all time record in 5 seasons 🤣
  2. Joseph Okumu from Elfsborg and Moumi Ngamaleu from Young Boys are two names i have seen our name thrown in to the list of clubs after them.
  3. The Chinese have been trying to sell for months the rumour going around was the group that tried to buy Newcastle are trying to buy Inter.
  4. Tbf all I'm hearing is internal struggles at the paedo dome any new manger MUST keep Kennedy and Strachan etc. Reason Brenda left is they wouldnt buy the players he wanted to turn the screw (james justin and tim castagne) to name 2. He quickly realised the limit of the paedo ambition and left for somewhere with ambition. Jessie Marche will likely move to Leipzig from Salzburg If Naglesmann moves to Bayern and tbh he is the only name they have been linked with that i think would do a good job.
  5. Without a doubt. Deary me at posting the word 'below' instead of believe.

  6. Alrite mate? Next time you are on the site you need get a chuckle over the paranoid Irwin Sparkes. Seems to think I'm you, lol. Check out the Adam Le Fondre and Edu to QPR threads in transfer section. Can't below how deluded that lad actually is.

  7. going away till end of window , place has turned fucking shite with all these cunts nae wonder most of them were banned from FF , too the good guys its been fun and we may speak again who knows

    1. Orangeclement


      Nah decided to stay and show up you negative cunts for the idiots you are , you surpassed yourself today (tu)

  8. off to scout other sites , fucking sick of the pish on here

  9. Torres just needs a little time to settle and a manager that'll actually play him in a system that he suits. When he was played in a system he suited, against Copenhagen away IIRC, he played really well.

  10. Well I hate your Scottish charm.

    Drogba is just an inconsistent fuck :(

  11. Smell my cheese

    1. ClintonGrey


      Is it good cheese?

    2. Orangeclement


      here smell it! SMELL IT !!

    3. ClintonGrey


      Smells like a jobby

  12. time to grow the mouser

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