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  1. Hence the A celebration to their fans and the backroom team member squaring up to him at full time 😂
  2. RIP Lando. World has lost another good guy.
  3. Most of the staff were scouts or from that department and since they cant go watch players or travel easily then their job is pretty much redundant any way. Think most only had 1 year left on contract etc.
  4. 3 Scotland players will miss play off after contracting covid. Armstrong, Christie and Tierney.
  5. Does the opposite for me and freezes when we get near their goal 🤔
  6. Having to use a dodgy stream rather than give Rangers money. Shocking they cant get a system in place to handle the demand.
  7. Worked no problem last week but been murder the last 20 mins.
  8. I was poking fun at the board moaners.
  9. Think our board should come out with a statement to that effect but i wont hold my breath....
  10. Covers over the Griffiths Party also that broke the rules which i hear rumours that lennon was at.
  11. Go get some proper mushrooms and then once you stop tripping go get a takeaway.
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