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  1. I would bet he sat at the dinner table next to the other frenchies in the squad. So Edouard and ntcham i would guess
  2. Hahahaha this made my fucking day 🤣
  3. Verona fans were making monkey chants at Kessie of Milan at the weekend also. Club have come out defending the club and it's fans saying they are very tolerant and wouldn't do such things. ( it was clear monkey chants, even went on during halftime.)
  4. Is it too simple to say that it was SG fault for playing him out on the left ???????? He is a central midfielder and should have played there . Same happened against Legia when he tried to play him out there also.
  5. Team selection was all wrong . Players couldn't handle the pressure.
  6. He and Katic had a mare tbh . Just sloppy on the ball too many touches and ragged dolled by French pansie ffs.
  7. Nah it'll be a straight swap they take Gerrard and we get Klopp 👍
  8. I know , Sing whatever you want it's a free country .
  9. I would agree simply because he hasn't played enough and Edmundson has looked handy when he has started .
  10. I'll go back in my time machine and get the Gaffer to stick Polster in instead then we can look back in the papers and see what happened with the result.
  11. So we shouldn't have spent money on a good player and instead wasted it on shite spl players who are not good enough . What happens when Goldson and Katic get injured would all of the same fans come on bemoaning our lack of strength in depth ....... This place is mental at times .
  12. I will base my judgement on the fact Gerrard had him on the bench for Thursday nights game meaning he has the managers trust over Edmundson or that he had trained better to earn a spot on the bench . Not rumours from some itk crowd looking for attention.
  13. There really is something wrong with you . You know Liverpool are looking for £12m for Kent hence why Leeds pulled out . As for your budget pish literally just 24 hours ago GM has said if right player is available then they might add to squad .
  14. Taylor is dug shite and Ojo will score and create more assists than Kent did last year .
  15. Due to Spaghetti holding my knees together I never made it . Tried coming back a few times but last about an hour and me knees pack in again . All down to slipping and dislocating my knee and breaking my ankle in 2 places while drunk . Rarely drink now . The other knee was fucked before this when I megged someone on the turn and got studs stuck in grass and heard an almighty pop.( 8 months out.)
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