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  1. He wasnt though, he was poor in distribution and was caught out a lot down the sides but those rose tinted specs because he has scored against the scum. He is probably the same level as simpson tbh. Its a shame but some dont ever get back to the same level after an acl injury
  2. Not aggressive, every game ive seen the first thing he does is go in hard 1st tackle usually going through the player and giving away a foul 🤣
  3. someone who hasnt kicked a ball in 14 months and just bk from a very serious injury (notoriously hard to recover 100% from) is the messiah dont you know.
  4. I felt like i had timr travelled watching that game, it felt like watching us from 2-3 seasons ago
  5. Utter dog shit performance once again. Very very poor cant give anyone more than 4/10 and thats being kind.
  6. Download app called hotstock, gives you live updates as soon as they are available in a range of shops you just have to be very quick as they tend to go within 5 minutes of going on sale. Took me 5 attempts over the space of a week but got one eventually. Incidently anyone looking for rachet and clank on ps5? I have one for sale 🤣
  7. I mostly play plunder due to this problem i like to join random teams then just go rambo if they sit on buildings with snipers. I only use outbreak on zombies and thats just generally to level up weapons faster
  8. My hopes are up as its already despatched to Royal Mail so hopefully get it early. Fingers crossed your one arrives.
  9. Finally managed to get one ordered downside is its not arriving until 6th Aug.
  10. Amazingly with all the dross Arsenal have at the back they had the 3rd best defence in the EPL 🤣
  11. As did I, thatll be the same Toto Wolff whos been whining like a little bitch all season. You know Hamilton was in the wrong when he accepted the penalty without any hissy fit like you get when the drivers think they did nothing wrong.
  12. Currently going into 9th season, have won 8 domestic trebles in a row (6 undefeated), won the Europa league in 1st season and 6 out of 7 Champions leagues losing the other to Man City. Best signing ever is Youssoufa Moukoko - free transfer. In the last season played he scored 73 goals in 43 games in all competitions. He has nearly broken Mccoists all time record in 5 seasons 🤣
  13. Joseph Okumu from Elfsborg and Moumi Ngamaleu from Young Boys are two names i have seen our name thrown in to the list of clubs after them.
  14. The Chinese have been trying to sell for months the rumour going around was the group that tried to buy Newcastle are trying to buy Inter.
  15. Tbf all I'm hearing is internal struggles at the paedo dome any new manger MUST keep Kennedy and Strachan etc. Reason Brenda left is they wouldnt buy the players he wanted to turn the screw (james justin and tim castagne) to name 2. He quickly realised the limit of the paedo ambition and left for somewhere with ambition. Jessie Marche will likely move to Leipzig from Salzburg If Naglesmann moves to Bayern and tbh he is the only name they have been linked with that i think would do a good job.
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