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  1. I would bet he sat at the dinner table next to the other frenchies in the squad. So Edouard and ntcham i would guess
  2. Hahahaha this made my fucking day 🤣
  3. He has allowed the same players to make the same mistakes over and over and not had the balls to drop them . Playing the likes of Elneny and Xhaka ,keeping Mertersaker 3 seasons longer than he should've . He has no back up right back to play ahead of Bellerin who is not a RB . Wellbeck,Walcott,Cazorla and Mustafi should've been moved on in the summer. It's not just the manager that needs to change it needs a whole new 11 top players just to keep them in the top 4.
  4. But but they add to the atmosphere. .......
  5. Victor Leonenko, I'm going back to the early Championship managers (before the split) he was a Ukrainian striker at Dynamo Kiev . Cost peanuts and Scored for fun.
  6. Kaiserslauten , they have a large fan Base and a fantastic stadium. It's a nice City and would be easy for English speakers as there is a large number of Americans there.
  7. Fucking banners!!!!!! I'm fuming so I am.
  8. Apparently make more money than R .Madrid and Man Utd ....... Cough cough
  9. I thought they had worked a way around ffp with Neymar paying the release himself (using sponsorship money from a Qatar foundation).
  10. Give him a break he's Mexican ffs
  11. I have no worries about Alves but the younger lads I have my doubts tbh . Being cautious this season with my expectations ... last season still cuts deep when I think about.
  12. Definitely, i was just going for an average , some take no time at all and others may never adapt . It's a massive roll of the dice by everyone involved tbh.
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