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  1. Would it need to proved that it was spent on players?If they had to spend large amounts of money on land deals,then there would be no money left for players. Because they got land cheap,money was available for players. I may be wrong,mate,but that is my take on it.
  2. Heard a bit of this on the radio,but thought it was about Financial Fair Play not State Aid.Think they are two separate investigations,but I could be wrong
  3. This has been a good weekend Thought winning £260 on the National yesterday was the highlight.But this is even better!! Maybe we are too hard on the Ned,he might have been shouting at the ref"why did you allow Hoopers goal to stand,when he was blatantly off-side"? Whats that ditty,just cant get enough
  4. Sorry, This is coming from a clummsy sunday league defender who always thinks the forward has dived !Having a bit of a laugh,no harm meant!
  5. Having looked at the highlights, if any of that sendings offs had been for Gers players we would have thought we were hard done by !Having played football myself I thought at the most it deserved a yellow each time.
  6. Did Jella get injured ? My stream was crap and gave up after the secod goal. PS Walker is a fucking prick.He was nearly crying telling our result tonight!
  7. What I dont understand is why someone like John Greig,who I greatly admire,and still think of as one of the best ever Gers is qualified to handle the position of PR spokesman for our club ? What positive PR have we had in the last 2 years ?
  8. Who the fuck owns Rangers,the board or DM ?
  9. As far as I can see the board are money grabbing pricks draining money from our club.
  10. I was in the better the Devil you know camp, but now after nobody seems to stick up for the club they are supposed to represent (uefa,sfa,mhedia,fans)I now think there needs to be a total clearout and would be better with the Devil you didnt know
  11. What has the board ever done to justify getting paid for ?
  12. Gheers GS up here in north we dont get Clyde
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