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  1. pcbear


    We all love Morelos but even the most blinkered can see he is miles off it, regardless of his "role"
  2. pcbear


    The couple of efforts he had on Thursday hardly threatened, if he had been more aware on both we had a man slap bang in front of goal, a square pass would have resulted in two tap ins.
  3. Two red stripy masks after Jack there, btw Roofe has done that sign all the way from his Oxford days.
  4. That was one when you think, fuck me did i just see that.
  5. I think it was her son John, he was our guide as well.
  6. Glider Kamara, when he is on it the game looks effortless.
  7. Now live for sale, they always sell out so if you want some dive in now.
  8. Aye that makes perfect sense.
  9. You can buy them from Tuesday.
  10. I went back down b and q with a sample of wallpaper from the wall i have just papered, tucked the paper under the colour samples they have on the wall, sent a photo back to her she picked one, painted all the doors again (two coats) she comes up and gives me the look mmmm, this might go to a 3rd round.
  11. Paint that looks fuck all like it does in the colour chart i just painted all the doors and panels of my built in wardrobes grey she comes in and asks why have you painted them light blue. Ding ding round 2.
  12. Spencer and McSwegan together in the reserves scored a huge amount of goals.
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