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  1. Pints of Cobra on draught and a proper sit down Indian, glorious.
  2. I do not think he was ever complacent, but having proper competition for his jersey may have added an extra edge to his game, superb goalie.
  3. I think he might be my accountant.
  4. Unless you are a Rangers fan the answer is yes nothing wrong with it, he knows exactly what he is doing right there,sneaky fucker.
  5. RSEA have some belting nail your colours to the mast snoods.
  6. pcbear


    The linesman position was perfect, pity his fuckin eyesight ain't.
  7. I just seen a couple of lower league chairmen speaking after hearing they will be allowed 1000 fans in, the gist of i was 1000 fans will see them lose money after outlays, stewards/,turnstyle operators/car parking/kiosks etc. one mentioned 3000 required as a break even figure.
  8. Lille are 2nd top but they have only scored 3 in 3 games.
  9. i never GB, the poster who did donate this fine book will be after you,
  10. Kents pass to Hagi was sublime.
  11. Cheers Dan, some neat well worked goals right there.
  12. I had a plumber around ripping my house apart, i paid my tenner to RTV but never got a look in assisting said wrecker and missed the lot.
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