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  1. I dont think anyone seen the self destruction of the taigs this season, it has been quite spectacular, but ousting Ashley and the masterstroke of appointing Gerrard (it could have gone either way) will see him embedded in the hearts of every single Rangers fan, cheers Dave.
  2. Like the rest of the no gooders, he can fuck right off we can see right through you.
  3. Big DJ had a super skilful moment himself that night, prob better than what Cruyff done to him. Any footage around? it was his halfway line shimmy.
  4. Wheres Holt? just tuned in.
  5. McCoist has a huge platform and is banging the drum for us, i like McCoist/Boyd/McCann and the numbers in our corner are rising.
  6. Front page, back page 12 Page pull out, blanket condemnation from every corner, phone in specials and kangaroo courts would just about cover it.
  7. I bet you checked the spelling yourself before posting
  8. simplythewestuk on ebay, i have bought a few off him, all sizes and really smart. search item 283890901424
  9. pcbear


    The end of his interview on Saturday made me chuckle high pitched different accent "Thank you"
  10. It was a superb save but the fannying around we done in the box prior to thumb getting his shot in was criminal.
  11. I hope so as he defo has huge potential ,and this will be big half season coming up for him if this is the case, it would be great if he could go there and be a stand out but that would still not guarantee him Ibrox success, Docherty was one of the top players in the division he went to as was Charlie Adam a good few years before that and they got us a combined 900k. I will wish him well if he signs a deal, or call him all the names if he does not.
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