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  1. There's a thing, they should be all over this. This all looks a bit sinister, not just this but the mega pile on from every corner last week including loads of new Nicky puppets.
  2. Sorry mate techie dinosaur here.
  3. The same Ryan Fraser that refused to play for him after lockdown to help Bournemouths relegation fight as he had run his contract down and wanted to fvck off for free and injury free, prick.
  4. We might be missing a trick here, can we produce Boyd car grill covers?
  5. 2010 (saltire union jack with big poppy) 2014 (medal ribbon) 2016 (Soldier and Rangers player each side of RFC) Need these to complete my set anybody help, Erskine will benefit.
  6. Hi,

    can I have

    1 no training top regal blue @ £3

    1 no training top navy         @£3

    I no 1/2 zip navy                @4

    training jacket                   @£4

    I will paypal you £30 the extra can go wherever you think is most worthy atm ( not the Louden bar though)



  7. say come november

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