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  1. I just watched a little BBC video clip, he was some goalscorer who glided past defenders before stroking it into the net, some of the pitches had no grass at all.
  2. Whoever at BT thought that this would be a good idea should have spent a half hour going through the Sutton/Lennon history with us, then they might have thought to themselve it was not such a smart move, amateur and unprofessional on their part.
  3. Sap? he calls it as it is every single time.
  4. Fair play to him, this feels like the "fuck it" day and the fightback starts. HaH content is brilliant for anyone not signed up.
  5. These guys tweets would tell a tale or two, singing/ 10 year old tweets or the biggest scandal ever? no brainer singing and tweets it is.
  6. That was the reason for my post the other day, i kept on missing out, 10k are produced every year.A 2007 just sold for 100 quid on ebay a few minutes ago.
  7. Bumping this one guys as there are only a small number left.
  8. Thought he was talking about the Calum McGregor Ibrox game!
  9. And don't you come back no more.
  10. Some talented creative guys in the UB, that was clever.
  11. The 12 o clocks don't seem to suit us, we are always sluggish at the off.
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