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  1. Macintyre has played 8 holes 1 par 3 bogeys and 4 birdies, rollercoaster golf.
  2. If he can put a couple of good rounds together i think my ew part has a sniff, he has the ability but so do the rest of the field.
  3. I stuck 20 each way on Bob McIntyre at 150's, that is my holidays sorted if the bold Bob gets the green jacket.
  4. The same Ryan Fraser that refused to play for him after lockdown to help Bournemouths relegation fight as he had run his contract down and wanted to fvck off for free and injury free, prick.
  5. The unpredictable drama of sport is unbeatable (nice goal Edu)
  6. Nice strike, cool accurate finish low to the goalies left with his right foot.
  7. My first daughter was born a week later, contrasting emotions that week, the lord giveth and the lord taketh away.
  8. There is a pub in Plean locals call "The Billy" that might be a decent starting point.
  9. If that is a penalty the games fucked, he had a swing at the ball with his left foot it skidded off heading towards the touchline, his leg swung into the Spurs guy who was coming in to block the shot, and it went to VAR ffs who then gave it, some are saying stonewall penalty, if anyone thinks it is please post your thoughts.
  10. He is prob thinking "why all the fuss it's ma job"
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