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  1. Alec Cleland? Gazza ? Charlie Adam ?
  2. Cheers pal! I’ll hang around the stadium would pay more than that for someone’s ticket if I have too ?
  3. You any idea how much the tickets normally sell for ?
  4. Magic thanks! Just ask everyone coming off the busses aye?
  5. I’m living in Aberdeen just now for uni near the stadium, any idea what time the busses arrive mate?
  6. Anyone not able to get tickets for the Rangers end sitting amongst the sheep? ? dying be at the game!
  7. Any spare tickets going for this game lads ? Looking for two!
  8. Oduwa needs to come on, hit them with pace & get the ball in wide areas
  9. getting up at 3.45am for this game out here! Hopefully we can get a convincing result that brings back the support and the belief. My team would be Robinson Faure McGregor Zaliukas (if fit, if not Halkett) Wallace Templeton Law Murdoch Shiels Vuckic Boyd Subs Kelly Smith Black Aird Daly Miller Clark
  10. Think Streete is carrying a knock, was training separately. Mbabu I don't think should be starting yet, don't think he's playing senior game of football yet, but if all 5 need to play drop Jig and play him instead
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