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  1. It’s not a case of booing the players, it’s a case of booing the political gesture that’s linked to BLM.
  2. This allocated time thing is a lot of shite, I got 5-5.30 but my mate who I’m going to the pub with before the game got 4-4.30 and will he fuck be going in at that time. And will I fuck be wearing a mask for 2 hours outdoors when I’m not near anyone.
  3. Sturgeon must’ve got her hole last night if our capacities have been increased.
  4. Got a Brighton ticket but won’t let me buy, keeps saying there’s a problem with credit card validation what the fuck does that mean??
  5. Is everyone of these games free on Rangers TV unlimited and how much is it?
  6. Not sure I believe covid is the reason for this being cancelled. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sturgeon had a say, not wanting thousands of Rangers fans travelling down. They wouldn’t want us to know if that was the real reason, therefore covid is an easy excuse to give.
  7. Result not that important but we kind of shot ourselves in the foot today, made far too many mistakes.
  8. Words can’t describe how gutted I am to be missing this due to work, feel like it could be the only chance we have to go to a game with normality. Arseholes for making it midweek.
  9. 9000 at a 60000 stadium is still utterly pathetic. I honestly thought they’d have got the 18000 they asked for. Even if August 9th goes ahead I still don’t think they clowns will allow full capacity stadiums.
  10. Exactly, same way it is in restaurants and pubs. Covid is very clever anyway in the sense it knows if you’re standing up or sitting down.
  11. So you have to wear a mask outdoors and not sitting anywhere near anyone? What a fucking joke.
  12. Are the emails out yet? Or is it just the fact there’s so little tickets that no one on here actually got one.
  13. Just fucking typical they had to make this midweek.
  14. To not get into any games like last season.
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