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  1. Longer this goes on the more I think it’s a lot of shite. Far too many inconsistencies right from the beginning. Genuinely believe this is about control and not about saving peoples lives.
  2. Pub for me then, fuck paying another £9.99 to watch it on RTV. Joke that it’s not free to season ticket holders considering we’re not getting anywhere near full value for our ST.
  3. Genuinely thought Thursday was the last time we’d see Morelos in a Rangers shirt. Thought Itten would’ve started over him today then Morelos out the door early next week.
  4. Inter supposedly playing the winner on Monday. What if we go through? Games on Sunday and Monday?
  5. Anyone else struggling to get tickets for the superstore visit on the website? When I go on to purchase it’s saying no general sale available even after I have signed in.
  6. What’s this dragon soop wine like for anyone that’s tried it? Gunna get a bottle of each one for the weekend and give them a bash.
  7. Not working for me. I sign in and go on the link and it’s asking to me subscribe to watch even though I’m already logged in and have redeemed my code. Shambles.
  8. Would be so much easier if we could just access the links to live games via the app.
  9. Be interesting to get a breakdown, not going to make it any easier even for gold members for the likes of Aberdeen away if there’s that many in the gold tier.
  10. @Louden_Greg What is the breakdown of members in each category?
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