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  1. Rangers song - Trip to Ibrox or Have you seen the Glasgow Rangers Loyalist song - Men behind the wire
  2. I was there and remember the chaos of trying to get into the ground before the game more than the actual game itself. Was a fucking nightmare, must’ve waited at least an hour to get into the ground. Was fucking Baltic anaw.
  3. Would be pointless signing one, Balougan looked decent at RB the other night and Jack can play there aswell so we have options. It’s not the disaster folk are making out, Tavernier hasn’t been playing well for weeks either.
  4. Shouldn’t have bothered with the WiFi, at this rate no one will ever be able to use it.
  5. Didn’t deserve to win today, really don’t understand why we made so many changes.
  6. Would be the best title win in our lifetimes if we were there to see the whole season unfold, still gutted that we were denied the chance to do so, watching on the tele just isn't the same but will still feel great when we get over the line. Probably the best in terms of how far we've come as a club but not as a fan experience due to the fact we've not been able to attend games.
  7. Hope you’re right mate, I hope it goes ahead on a large scale and we’re left to enjoy our day.
  8. Hate to say it but all this talk of mass celebrations at George square or even Ibrox is unlikely IMO, as much as I would love for it to happen. We’ll no doubt still be in lockdown when the league is clinched or the tier system (basically the same thing), and there will be a large police presence at both Ibrox and George square and I can see the authorities threatening us in an extreme way prior such as fines and punishments to the club etc. They’ll be well onto it and will do everything in their power to stop it. I think best case scenario we at least have the boozers open, but even
  9. I reckon by the end of January we will know. Saturday is important to bounce back, but the tarrier game after new year is huge. Few tough away games in January also afterwards which could be telling considering that’s when we’ve been known to fuck it up in the past few seasons.
  10. Was saying the same thing, looked like contact was slightly outside and that’s even if there was any contact. Only showed one replay of it though so I’m not 100% either way.
  11. Would give Itten a start again tomorrow, deserves it after his performance last week against Poznań.
  12. If St Mirren and St Johnstone are charging for them on PPV there should be plenty of links kicking about. Fuck paying £17.50 to another club when will be able to watch it for free.
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