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  1. Actually shocked to see she never mentioned us in her speech today.
  2. That’s a good way to get more of us on the streets.
  3. Wouldn’t put it past them stopping shops nearby selling alcohol or some shite.
  4. Went to Ibrox last time after we won the league but going to George square this time. Did the shops nearby run out of booze after a couple of hours last time? Just trying to gauge what to take with me but don’t really want to be carrying too much at the one time either.
  5. There will be too many of us like last time they can’t stop it
  6. Will watch the game and celebrations then head to George square.
  7. Hi,mate you can have the Cowdenbeath ticket if you still want it,I can meet you in Kilmarnock tomorrow or Livingston on Sunday,or Cowdenbeath on the night of the game,my phone number is 07549183149,cheers. Alex.

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