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  1. Aha! So you're of the opinion that 'they' feed us. Wrong. Scotland subsidizes The UK. That is an absolute arithmetical fact. If it weren't the case - don't you think they'd rather just be rid of us leeches???!!!...
  2. I could not have put it any better myself.
  3. You persistent son of a ***** - OK the answer was...drum roll - FUCK THE ENGLISH!
  4. Alluding to the fact that Englishman don't run Westminster for the benefit of their 'own' people (Welsh Irish and Scots are not included in the term 'their'), is just as delusional as thinking that Jews don't run America. BARMY! OK - I'm now off to look up some moon landing conspiracy theories and get back into my 'mental block'...
  5. No I don't - the mother of my child is English. It would be irrational to hate any one nation. However, I 'do' hate what their governments have done to our country (Scotland) through its 'continuous' discriminatory economic policies. I've also lived in England for a significant portion of my life and I can guarantee you that the vast majority of their citizens don't give a flying f**k about us (Scots). That's all.
  6. Cheers for the history lesson. I think (hope) you'll have got my point though?!
  7. The SNP's (proposed) anti-bigotry legislation is a shambles and (I predict) will fall squarely on its arse. We shouldn't be getting too upset about just yet. As far as being a Rangers supporter goes - well I am, and a fucking good one at that, and that means I can vote for whoever I please - that includes the SNP! The English (bastard) governments have been sticking it up our Granny's holes forever, and now they're trying to stick it up ours and our ma's & da's too. But hey, that's a political debate. Let's talk about football - fuck politics and its association with religion or 'The Union'. Rangers is my religion and Ally McCoist is my God - until he fucks up once too many times that is!!!... WATP!
  8. I'm happy with this - although Papac must be worth consideration. The big man is much more likely to have the nous for covering Bocanegra who hasn't convinced me yet. On another note here's the team I think Ally will pick on Sunday: McGregor, Whittacker, Goian, Wallace - (McCulloch) - Naismith, Davis, Edu, Lafferty - Jelavic...which will be a disaster - that is unless we win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Jelavic was signed when that wee cretin Bain was in charge of transfer business. He'll have a minimum fee release clause in his contract (probably 10M Euro) and I wouldn't be surprised if he exercises it. It'll be a very sore one - especially for the thousands of loyal supporters who have just forked out 55 quid on a new jersey with Jelavic number 9 on it...
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