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  1. Team looks hungry to get this title won ASAP. They stayed patient , trusted themselves and got their rewards late on last night. Can only see a comfortable home victory for us on Saturday, with the title coming home the following day as I’m convinced they’ll drop points at tannadice
  2. McCrorie has been their second choice keeper for most of the season believe it or not
  3. If Livi play like this on Wednesday we should be very comfortable. It’s that fucking pitch that will cause us the most problems.
  4. Handball by celtic in the box, no pen. identical handball by Aberdeen, free kick for celtic. Standard
  5. Shane Duffy who won’t kick a ball for them for the rest of the season unless they pick up an injury😂they are bad but the other teams in this league are even worse , wouldn’t surprise me at all if they beat the rest of the teams outside us from now till the end of the season.
  6. Don’t think it’s an outrageous opinion. The rest of the teams in this league are rank rotten. Hibs and Aberdeen are utterly hopeless this year too. Can see them beating the rest from now till the end of the season, especially with every big decision going their way
  7. They’ll take full points in every remaining game bar the 2 against us. They are getting every decision going from the officials. Just down to us to do our bit.
  8. More stoppages in this game than there was in ours yesterday , but less time added on 🤨
  9. Ref not taking any chances for them😂how was that not a free kick for Middleton
  10. I know it’ll ultimately mean nothing but the amount of help they’ve had from the referees in recent games is embarrassing. Thank fuck we are so far ahead.
  11. As we seen yesterday, teams get free reign to kick us about without picking up yellows. Doesn’t happen when they play celtic.
  12. You would think teams would know by now that Rogic will always go onto his left foot
  13. I moan about Kent but at the same time I totally get what he brings and why he continues to play. Killie had 3 men on him at times yesterday.
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