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  1. Johnny Hayes totally at it 😂
  2. Kyogo kick out at Bates off the ball. Ref sees it, just a foul 🤷‍♂️
  3. Is Clancy just the permanent ref for celtic these days ? 😂
  4. Don’t think I’ve seen Kamara give the ball away so much
  5. How does the ref play advantage then pull the game back when we take the advantage 😂
  6. Seen 3 different topics start on there about McCallum and his subs , all of them shut down within minutes of legitimate and reasonable debate. Maybe I’m young and naive, but what are they all about 😂? Have they some loyalty to these guys or what ?
  7. Hope Gio punts the B team coaches as part of his takeover. Has to be the most embarrassing display from our first team under temporary management. What in the name of fuck were those subs about
  8. Didn’t expect much tbh , St Johnstone have more celtic men in their team than celtic do.
  9. The stand out thing from the clubs latest update was that they didn’t announce a caretaker manager. Suggests this is because a new manager is to be appointed imminently. Looks good to me.
  10. Club are just obviously confirming who is taking training till the new man comes in. Folk would be no doubt freaking out calling us a shambles for not letting the fans know what’s going on with us preparing for the semi final at the weekend.
  11. Can tell it’s the weekend in here with the drunken ramblings 😂 fuck sake man , get a grip
  12. Nice of us to grant them permission to speak to him after he’s agreed everything with them 😂
  13. He’s been doing that thing a lot of refs do against us when we are comfortable , starts giving the opposition everything and letting them off with stuff to give them a wee chance.
  14. How has uefa gave that goal to Turnbull 😂 goalie kicks it off the defenders knee and it goes in 😂
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