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  1. Both teams are rank rotten. Also that Soro gets away with a ridiculous amount of fouls every game I’ve seen him play.
  2. Most of the stadium cheering and applauding him now. Applauding a nonce , wow.
  3. “Excellent” -Sutton “answered their doubters” -Currie ” what a start for the manager” -Sutton 😂
  4. “ excellent “ “ answered their doubters “ ” what a start for the manager “ 😂
  5. It’s one of the weakest celtic line ups i can remember and these Danes haven’t laid a finger on them.
  6. celtic could really finish the tie off tonight. Canny believe this team were meant to be decent 😂
  7. Soro gets off with some amount of cynical fouls eh. Everytime I see him play.
  8. 2 poor teams but celtic better than them. That celtic defence is weaker than some spfl defences and they haven’t been troubled at all.
  9. Anyone with any common sense will see that’s exactly what he’s done. My friend that was formerly in the police said from the beginning that there wasn’t enough in it to do him on, unless they uncovered something else. Unfortunately that’s what’s happened but everyone with a brain cell will see him for what he is.
  10. The disturbing thing for me is that he went about it very carefully, knowing that by only sending emojis and “ I’ll leave you to work it out” he was covering his back incase he got found out and things got legal. Suggests to me 2 things , he’s one devious little beast and that he’s well versed in doing this to young girls.
  11. Rangers announcing friendlies with major teams whilst Griffiths is getting friendly with minor teens. Levels.
  12. celtic fan I know from work says this isn’t his first time doing this. Seems to be well known for targeting young , impressionable lassies amongst the celtic support. Proper predator behaviour.
  13. Handball by celtic in the box, no pen. identical handball by Aberdeen, free kick for celtic. Standard
  14. Shane Duffy who won’t kick a ball for them for the rest of the season unless they pick up an injury😂they are bad but the other teams in this league are even worse , wouldn’t surprise me at all if they beat the rest of the teams outside us from now till the end of the season.
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