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  1. Ken Bates was able to do what he wanted to do at Leeds as he owned the Club. Just like Shyte did with us, simples, PLC as Green outlined himself, means that nobody is able to make such ridiculous decisions on their own anymore. Pity our whole board do them together now!
  2. We are a PLC, this sort of decision would have to go through a majority vote of the shareholders........ Why would an investor in the PLC devalue their investment by selling off such huge assets. This is a load of Horse Manure.
  3. I was always interested in how he actually worked. The facilites at Murray park are top notch, but i dont know if all the methods employed were, either in training or nutrition wise.
  4. Papac started off as a Centre back when PLG came in from memory, and a bloody terrible one at that. Smith will be good cover, or solid at left back if Wallace is pushed forward. The lad was unlucky with a terrible pelvic injury first time around, we need a squad if we are to try and challenge for cups this season and he is mid level SPL quality so will be just fine for a couple of seasons.
  5. Really happy that business is getting done early. Just need to bring a couple of solid defenders in now to play infront of Mr Bell. Fingers crossed for a bit of class in the league next season and making our presence felt in the cup comps!
  6. I'm happy with most of what he says, I may disagree with some of it.. But thats life and finally we have a Chief Exec who is proactive and looking to make this club all it can be, plus I have my shares so he best bloody run us well!
  7. Surely you would get more action if you handcuffed yourself to Auchenhowie.. just looking after your needs and all
  8. He makes sense, i do fear the word billionaire mind.. see what happens. Clearly he trying to bring in people who can benefit the rangers brand, whether mentioning billionaires is a good idea mind. The Bigot response was classic....
  9. Agree with this, Ally said i need 3 more strikers for this.. here's a list do what you do Charles, Little re-signed no issues and the first two to sign for the right price came in. Job done. He hesistated and got shafted
  10. you put it much better than me... I also thing he is starting to enjoy himself quite a bit and may not want to leave, even when he could ride off into the sunset (he's becoming a Bluenose). All in all i think its all coming together and and am hugely excited for our future!!
  11. This 30m quote was the money Green was looking to raise through investors and the share issue.. its obivously dependent on the amount people wish to invest etc etc. He never said he was going to spend the money, infact im sure he said in the begining he was looking to make this quick for himself and leave the club in a secure position and with money in the bank. Obviously things change, but the club will cut their cloth accordingly and spend whats needed to achieve the goals, and hopefully run nicely from the merchandising, season ticket sales, etc.
  12. Why do I have to live in England tonight... I love this Club!!! SO PROUD RIGHT NOW.
  13. innocent before proven guilty seems to have been a long lost thing in this whole shambles.. Taking away titles, well if this was true throughout most of europe wouldnt they have to take titles from many teams since they most of them have run some sort of EBT scheme (Are they legal or not who knows yet)... infact didnt that other club admit to using them but nothing else was made of it. The SFA seem to have recieved a high dosage of radiation and now seem intent on destroying everything they can before they also die.
  14. I mean how did the other clubs who have suffered survived im mean seriously.. how did Leeds survive their fall from the top! There will be a business plan and we will hopefully come out of this with some money in the bank. Even if we have a wage bill of a lower SPL or Div 1 club it will still be a 10th of what it was. our Income will not be a 10th of what it was, therefore i think we will be just fine!
  15. Should get to knock them to bits in both cups!