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  1. Stewart Regan Resigns

  2. Ally and Butcher

    Had the privilege to have Ally And Ian Durrant staying at the hotel where I work in St Andrews they were through for a couole of rounds of golf with some friends followed by dinner at the R &A clubhouse .They then came back to the hotel for late drinks before going to bed .Thought that they were ok very pleasant had a good laugh with them, just a couple of guys who were pretty damn good at football .( Shit managers though) .Refused a tip as how could you take a tip from one of your footballing heroes.
  3. waghorn off to ipswich

  4. KerryFail Meltdown

    They were getting confused in the use of the word sooing from their usual tv viewing because they thought that was what sooty and sweep did when having a 3 way.
  5. Pedros Local Assistant

    Apparently Lovenkrands in for number 3 job http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4340696/Peter-Lovenkrands-frame-No-3-role-Rangers.html
  6. Graeme Murty

    Makes a good blowjob though
  7. Don't know about anybody else but I chose to support Rangers when I was a young boy of 5 or 6 and knew nothing of different religions in the 1960s due to being brought up on the east coast far less anything politics. And to this day I still support Rangers and couldn't give fuck about either of the other 2.
  8. Official: Boyd signs one year deal

    Aye but maybe he lost his mojo as he left it at Ibrox for his return,when they are reunited he will once again earn the mantle of Scotlands top scorer.
  9. Charlie Telfer Signs for Dundee United

    Life's a fucking gas
  10. Loved the end of Reporting Scotland: The Tims finished with 3 points so will not now drop into the Europa league. Made my week that did. Wonder what excuses will appear in tomorrows papers?
  11. it's on here : http://www.thefirstrow.eu/watch/149397/1/watch-clyde-vs-rangers-fc.html