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  1. Was chatting to Chris at the airport when he was traveling back from the Ukraine game. Said he is loving being at Rangers. Seemed decent enough, Hagi was sat next to me on the same flight too.
  2. Aye mate. Read on their site it tells you so they are essentially fakes.
  3. They aren't hand signed mate thats why they are so cheap. They use a computer to sign the tops
  4. Seb Faure.... Wish he had gone on to be a legend so that when people see the nice framed RM sponsor's fund jersey on my wall and ask who's top it is they didn't stare blankly at me when I say Seb Faure
  5. Just know its gona split loads of opinions. Fair play to them if its for the better of the club and works out well
  6. Been wanting to do that for a while. Did you take the boys?
  7. Taigy as fuck to want them titles, if they recognise their war titles it just truly shows what a scummy club they are!
  8. They pay for the board to attend? I don't know what's worse tbh
  9. Nice jolly for the blazers on club expenses. Red or black could make or break out transfer kitty
  10. We need the deeds before we can consider anything
  11. Don't think they have anyone on the forum, been ages since I ordered from them but when I did I'm sure it took a while, the guy doesn't do it full time as a job but a month does seen excessive
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