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  1. Sad to hear that. I spent a night on the piss with him in Larne pigeon club years ago, boy that was in there shouted "oi Andy, bet you can't do this" the dart board was to his left and Andy was stood at the bar to his left, the guy goes down on one knee, looks at Fordham and throws the dart to his left hitting the bullseye. Was an utter fluke 🤣 Fordham says aye your right, I couldn't get down on one knee. Was a cracking night.
  2. Any one seen this? Rangers crypto sold through Bitci, our official crypto currency partners
  3. Im wondering how the fuck he managed to get a whole sleeve done at 17yr old 😂 not exactly a drunken magalluf job is it
  4. Nice to see 17 year old Alex Lowrie with a sleeve tattoo sign a 2 year deal lol
  5. @plumbGER has a caravan there, PM him
  6. Seek help

    1. Dan Deacon

      Dan Deacon

      Hear hear

    2. TamCoopz


      Just worried for the guy 😢

  7. Better asking old school blue

    i will ask fox also  if its possible

  8. Will give petition shout out tomorrow ok


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