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  1. I'm defo renewing, but wanna move my seat from the copland front so i'm gonna have 2 wait till after the 16th. As a ranger we gotta back them....back the team not the regime!
  2. Ally will never give youth a chance & jig, law, black & Daly will never be dropped. Telfer goin to Scumdee is gutting but he may go there & be rubbish!
  3. All other media networks are now reporting this! Just what the hell is goin on!! I fear the worst!?
  4. Like the title says, Bbc Scotland reporting that the players have refused this, anyone heard anything simaliar?
  5. A gers die hard. They've been my 1st love & will b my last. Rangers till I die. Have 2 say I hate the sfa & the rangers hatin media. 4 men had a dream......

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