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  1. If his ambition is to be closer in the league then hes not very ambitious.
  2. thats the thing they make more from the replay than they did in the original tie
  3. i remember when we sang about Frank McGarveys wife. No different to that banner. Anyone who gets worked up over it obviously leads a very sheltered life.
  4. I remember him running along the byeline trying to stop a ball for a goalkick and making a balls of it. Should have been a corner to the sheep. Probably saw every domestic game he played for us and thats all I remember. Wasnt the worst , i would class hhim as average.
  5. Anti Fenian sectarianism. Clark said he is catholic but not a Fenian. He wasnt called a catholic bastard buta Fenian one.
  6. I would have said it would be perfect if it had included the fact that Clark had no issue with Boyd being called an Orange bastard until he himself was referred to as a Fenian.
  7. Why did he not utter a word , let alone call a press conference, until he was called a fenian? That should be the 1st question.
  8. Succinctly put. Brown could break his players necks, taigs could burn Boyd as they wreck the stadium and Clark wouldnt think about commenting. Nothing to jeapordise his chance of the job he wants.
  9. As I said at the time thats who Chris Jack should have interviewed.
  10. Shocked that the SFA have not capitulated and delivered Whytes head on a plate to Ibrox by now,
  11. Club dont understand how players get cited, they just know how to appeal. They are complicit.
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