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  1. Sweet, Sweet goal, still in cloud nine. Lets top that on Sunday and in the group stages.
  2. I was worried after the Burnley game, seen mention that this was very early in their preseason, not a bit of it, they don't have a FA making them play meaningless games, they are allowed to plan their preseason. 15 July: Stade Nyonnais 1-3 Burnley (Stade de Colovray, Nyon, Switzerland). Goals: Gray, Barnes, Keane 19 July: Morecambe 1-1 Burnley (Globe Arena). Goal: Gray 23 July: Bradford City 1-4 Burnley (Coral Windows Stadium). Goals: Gray 2, Mee, Kightly 26 July: Bolton 1-2 Burnley (Macron Stadium). Goals: Gray, Ginnelly 30 July: Rangers 1-3 Burnley (Ibrox, Glasgow, S
  3. Most exciting season I can remember for, oh at least 4 years, we have to be in it to win it. Lets get it won and give every other team in this league a big GIRFUY, just had a wee rewatch of the semi final, we played them of the park and that game should have been won in normal time, if that's the standard hello 55.
  4. Remember a few but we could do with a right good poacher.
  5. Early days yet for Dodoo, would be interesting to see how he does with the balls that Forrester and O'Halloran were throwing into the middle in the first half, hope he starts against Stranraer.
  6. A nice win for the boys and no injuries on that shitty pitch will do me.
  7. Thought at the start of last season Kenny should be playing off the bench but he proved his worth time and again. Nobody can play forever though.
  8. Have to agree with this, though better CB's wouldn't go wrong. Maybe we should trial some from Gibraltar.
  9. From his first touch at Ibrox we always knew Barry was something special. He has filled in a lot of the missing elements in his game and just thinking of that goal in the cup gives me a warm glow, so keep it up wee man.
  10. Can't figure out why anyone would deny Tav game time, not our best defender but he certainly knows how to carve packed defenses open. Anyway Niko Niko Niko......
  11. I'd say that was a hearts pub selling their souls to the devil to get a few extra customers in.
  12. Don't care how we win this one but I can't ever see a Warburton team being set up to win ugly. Like the thought of giving them a roasting like the Petrofac but I think they will sit back and look to hit on the break. 3-1 to us with Waghorn, Mackay and Miller sharing the goals.
  13. They are asking the bbc to make us a special case and treat us differently to all the other clubs in the world, will their obsession with all things Rangers never end....
  14. My initial thoughts were aw naw another Ian Black, the truth is Barton would walk into any team in the top league.
  15. Love situations like this, you find out what your team is made of. Hope we see all the new recruits at this, should be an eye opener for them.
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